Best Romantic Love Sms for Him/Her 2021

Best Romantic Love Sms for Him/Her 2021



Do you want to express your love to someone special? And you don’t have appropriate words? So, this article is for you. I have the best Romantic Love Sms for Him/Her 2021. These are written by me a long time ago.


You have a crush on someone or are a couple with your significant one. And thinking of the best Romantic Love Sms to send to Him/Her for fall in love with you is what matters the most. The whole idea of being in love or falling in love is based on expressing your emotion, and there are hundreds of ways you can do so. Sometimes they are cheesy quotes that may not be appropriate at now because they will just make the other person feel uncomfortable, and sometimes they are beautiful lines from songs that you can use if you really like someone but don’t know how to express your feelings directly. But more often than not, the best way to tell someone that you love them is by using romantic and cute texts or


Love messages are important in a love relationship. These love messages remind a couple of how important they are to each other. If you practice, the texting of romantic love messages, research reveals that it brings the bond between two people stronger and better.

 Romantic Love Sms for Her


To be honest, since the day I got married to you, life is now as stable as the sky firmly organized like a superstar.


• You make me happy and then you have changed my life as though the world belongs to you and me alone. I can’t see anyone save you.


• Your precious heart is the home of passion the world has been searching for. I got to know when I met you.


• To you my heartbeat angel, you belong to me and that’s why I don’t get scared whenever you are far away from me.


• I wish to make this world a better place for you and me to live because you are my life.


• The flame of your love is irresistible. It burns me down my heart.


• There is love being together, love that doesn’t change.


• With you, this world is a great place to be. We are meant to be.


• I have been so happy since the day we met; that’s a sign that we are meant to be.


• I didn’t believe that my love for you will drive me this crazy.


• You have completed my heart, and your case makes me go insane all the time.


• For there is nothing that will ever make me stop loving you.


• Your presence adds more value to my life than your absence.


• I thought true love is gone until I met you. I love you so much.


• It was the day I met you that I realized that love is real.


• It is my pleasure that I have come across you in life.


• Nothing makes me happy like when I set my eyes on you.


• It was when I met you that this world became meaningful to me.


• When I saw you going in your orange top, I felt like hugging you from behind.


• The love I have for you cannot be found in another man’s heart.


• If you understand how much you mean to me, you will never cry again. I love you.


• Don’t be scared, you are the best woman in this world. No woman can replace you.


• Should in case I’m tired and can longer smile, I will remember the first day we met.


• You blow my mind, every day and night, I see you smile.


• My heart is filled with your thoughts, no word can define how much I love you.


• If I knew love can be this special, I will have come closer to you ten million years ago.


• There is a part of me that will never forget you. That part is located in my heart.


• Since the day I met you, I have met what my heart desires. You are my chocolate angel.


• Your lips are the most delicious pizza in this world.


• I love being around you because you are my sweetheart and queen of heart.


• It is now clear that we are meant for each other. No more doubt on my mind.


• To my heart, I hope you are beating well where you are.


• Loving you makes me happier, you are so special and no lady like you.


Sweet Romantic Love Sms for Him


• The smile from you makes my heart filled with joy. I can’t underestimate the power of your love.


• It was when I met you that I realized that this life is an ideal place to live.


• Never forget that your love has changed my life in a dramatic way.


• I can see peace in your eyes. That’s why you are the peace of my life.


• I love your face, it is the radiant that makes me smile.


• Non the less, you are my dream angel, the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with.


• To you my beloved, I will never forget you forever and ever.


• You have been given the greatest portion of my heart to keep, please don’t break it.


• A man like you is the very reason why k refused to die. I miss you so much.


• May the Lord protect your heart, purify it against all evil.


• It was like a joke until I finally met you I came to realize that love is a great thing to do.


• You are a precious man with a great personality. I wish you all the best.


• I will always take good care of you in any way you want. I love you my heart and soul.


• To this special man, you are the best gift I received this year.


• Since the day I married you, my life has become a brim of light.


• I dedicate my heart to you to be my dream, love and everything. You have all it takes to be proud of.


• Immediately you became part of my life, every sorrow was wiped away. I find peace in living with you.


• I cannot forget you for the rest of my life because you are the reason why my heart is now at peace.


• I hope you will understand how much you are loved, you are the best of all, the one I can live with for the rest of my life.


• No matter what, you will remain the best angel of my life because, with you, I have been able to fly around the world.


• It could be that I am so lucky that’s why I have the privilege to meet a superhuman like you. I love you.


• You make me smile as though my heart will burst like a balloon. I want to rest my head on your chest.


• If I can feel deep comfort in my heart, that will be the most precious feeling in the whole of this world. I love you so much.

Romantic Love Sms for My Love


• You actually won my heart by the power of your pretty smile. It will be great to spend a lifetime with you.


• Without your smile, a day will go without happiness. I wish you all the best you ever could imagine.


• I need you more than anyone else. I need you as a wife, love, and romance. You are so sweet, there is no doubt about it.


• To the woman that brought joy to my heart, thanks for the kind of love you show to me. I wish you all the best.


• Your beautiful smile makes my heart blow like a trumpet. I am very proud of you to like never before.


• I will still be there no matter how hard things may look. I will never forget the coolest smile I received the first time I met you.


• If you are ready to be mine forever, I will never let you down because you are my heartbeat. I love your ways.


• The fact remains that you are the number one woman in my life; no other woman can replace your place.


• The light that emanates from your eyes are the power that makes my heart remains happy.


• It is a great pleasure to be with a special person like you, I am thinking of spending the rest of my life with you.


• Thanks for everything you have done in my life. I will always be proud of you until the end of my life.


• You gave me the confidence that there is true love, I hope you will always be happy forever and ever.


• Whenever I see you, my heart is filled with joy. I don’t want to see you turn your back at me. I love you so much.


• You have been the only angel I see, the one I can never let go of for any reason. I wish to be there for you all the days of your life.


• I hope I will not fall because the aura of your love is getting stronger and whenever I see you, I tremble in love.


• The passion of your heart affects mine. I can feel the power of a great passion coming from you. I love you.


• Don’t forget that you are the most beautiful person in this world. You are more adorable than the brightest star.


• Dear angel, you mean the entire universe to me; that’s why you are my world, I will live in you forever.


• Your smart eyes can jack my heart and rendered it helpless with the power of love. Thanks for loving me.


• Since the day I met you, I realized that you will be the comfort of my eyes and the flower of my heart.


• I am going insane upon your matter and my heart is always there for you. I will forever be yours all my life.


• Thanks for the impact and love you show to me. It is rare to experience a precious love that makes you happy.

Romantic Love Sms for My Wife


• In the rain, in a storm, in bad, in good, I will always be there for you all the days of my life. I will stand by you when you need me most.


• Your eyes are one of the sources of my happiness, I am so happy because I found you. The bond between us is a divine bond.


• For I have found comfort in you and for this, you will be the most precious wife in the world to me. I love your pretty face.


• How lucky I am that she decided to be mine for the rest of her life. She sacrificed everything just to make me happy.


• I am the kind of man that will always appreciate your effort in this storyline of our love. You will be glad you found me.


• In your heart I wish to dwell because you are more important to me than the roof that shades me away from the sun.


• Whenever it is raining, I feel like being with you to enjoy the warmness of your body. You are my remedy when the cold is too much on me.


• There is no woman as special to me as my wife; she is the best mother to my kids in the world. I love you so much.


• I am giving you this heart of mine for free, enjoy every bit of it because you deserve endless love. I wish you the best.


• May the Lord continue to protect you in all aspects of your life, we are meant to be and that’s why happiness will not leave our home.


• A wife that respects you, care and worry about your well-being is the kind of woman you should have around you.


• I have never seen this kind of a great wife before, she is so wonderful and caring. I love you. I am glad to have you in this world.


• If I could just taste the whole of your lips, this cold will run away. I am so interested in making you happy.


• You belong to me. You have no other heart to go to because I will not allow such a thing to happen. I love you.


• There is no more doubt that we care for each other. The reason is that we can’t live without each other.


• She came into my life and made it a place of happiness. She is the most enticing angel I have right now.


• No matter how other ladies tried, they can never replace you in my heart. I have chosen you as the queen of my life.


• You are so nice, so special, and so precious and the love I have for you cannot be explained by words.


• I want to be your man until the end of time, may the Lord protect us forever and ever. I wish you all the best.

Most Romantic Love Sms for Husband


• The one above heavens and earth understands that I love you with all my heart. I will be there when you least expected it.


• I am going to cook your favourite today so that the love I have for you will be manifested in the meal.


• You are the only man whose thoughts drive me crazy, I cannot even sleep at night because your love lingers in my heart.


• Whenever I close my eyes, the only person I see is you. I feel like you are the most interesting person in this world.


• It was hard on me when I was told I will be getting married soon, I was sad, and depressed until I realize you are the one for me.


• I didn’t believe that I will fall in love with you this much until you came into my world. I love you more.


• The fact remains that you are my superhero, the one that brings joy and happiness to my heart. I love you like a pro.


• Believe me, I am so glad because you have been so lovely to me. I cherish you beyond the sky. You make me happy all the time.


• May the Lord continue to protect you in all aspect of this world because you have been the one I love the most.


• Who will make me happy like you? A man likes no one. An uncommon gem is full of love and life. I wish you all the best.


• What makes me happy is that you fulfilled your promises, you make me happy with that move alone.


• I will continue to be there for you because you deserve my love. I will not let you suffer a day without me.


• May you smile for the rest of your life; you have been so nice in all ways because you belong to me.


• I miss your giggles, chats, and calls, I am glad that you are my husband and the best father in the universe.


• Whenever I wake up next to you, the warmness of your kiss on my forehead makes me happy for the rest of the day.


• We are always stranded with love but when two people in love cooperate, it will never show. I love you.


• You are the best angel in this world. I pray you to find endless peace in this world. You are my dream and the best.


• Thanks for the whole things you have done in my world. I will continue to be there for you all the days of my life.


• I can’t forget you forever, I can’t let you down in any way because you are my beloved angel. The one I will never forget all my life.


• You don’t even understand why I continue to love you like never before. It is because you are worthy of being loved forever.


• What a nice angel you are, a man that stood by my side when I need him most. A man of love and complete happiness.

Romantic Love You Sms for Lovers


• I will be there until we become one and will never have to depart again. I will ensure I marry you by His grace.


• This level of love we are is one of the best ever. This is the level of love where everything has to do with trust.


• Anytime I think about us, I feel somehow extremely happy. I see greatness in loving you because you are the best for me.


• A time will come and we shall become good to each other. We will not have to be distanced from each other because by then, you are already in my home.


• I have told all my friends that a queen will soon join me at home. I am overwhelmed by the kind of love you show to me.


• The very moment I set my eyes on you, something great stroke my heart and it is the feeling of satisfaction I have about you.


• I want to be yours all the days of my life. You have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you are the best lover to be with.


• I need you in a world that makes me smile, or should I say, you are the reason why I am happy today. I will try everything to make you my wife.


• There is no doubt that you are complete wife material. You are the best for me and my love for you is always genuine.


• I need you in this world. You are so special, lovely and above all the best ever seen in this world. I wish you all the best.


• The best I can do today is to be there for you all the days of my life, to ensure you are always happy for a part of my life.


• I need you to understand that the love I have for you is one that cannot be forgotten forever. I wish you the best ever.


• Loving you is one special thing I have always wanted in my life. You make me feel like a prince whenever you come around.


• You have been so nice to me since the day we met. I miss you so much that everything that makes you smile is what I want.


• You have the best smile in the world. I wish you the best, and the bond of love between us has gained a new height.


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