Quotes About Believing in Love for Him/Her 2021

Quotes About Believing in Love for Him/Her 2021



Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, but believing in love makes it even stronger. As everyone knows quotes about believing in love are able to change the way you look at things. It can make your day and can also help you get through some difficult moments in life.


Here you will find a collection of the best quotes about believing in love. Love is not a word… it’s a feeling! Love is life and if we can share the love with everyone we live better. And the greatest thing is that love makes us believe in our dreams.


The romance that exists between the two lovers is really amazing and comprehensive. It drives them really crazy that they can’t do without thinking, depending and longing to hear from or see each other every day. We have gathered these awesome messages for you and hope you will find them useful for your purpose. Read this too: Sweetest Romantic Text SMS to Make her Smile.


Quotes About Believing in Love


• In your eyes is the pillar of love that stands like a mountain, so strong, lofty, huge, from the love that sprouts from your eyes, I can stay safe in life.


• Loving you is one treasure that cannot be taken for granted, it is love that goes deep down the soul to revive it. I love you.


• I trust you with all my heart and hope to see you happy for the rest of your life. I am wishing the greatest favour of the year.


Whenever our eyes come in contact, I see the passion that gives me endless joy, I love you to the core.


• You are my hope, my happiness, and the most precious light of love the Lord has given to me. I cherish you.


• Being in love with you does not take me more than a minute, I am so much in love with you as though honey is produced in my heart.


• Every single day of my life will actually force me to love you forever. I wish you all the best. I miss you so much.


• The trust in my heart for you is not the type for kids, it is the love that entices me the best. I love your smile because it is powerful.


• No matter what anyone says about you, no matter how bad it appears, I will always be patient with you.


• Hold my hands as though love will never end again, because, for you and me, there is a never-ending feeling. I love you.


• The day I set my eyes on you, the aroma of the soup of love has not ceased to reach my soul. Your love is the most beautiful smell I ever perceived.


• Thanks to the most enlightened woman I have ever met in life; you are my dearest angel, the one that makes me smile the most.


• Your smile is an antidote to the most painful wound in my heart. No matter how sad I may be, once you smile at me, I become a relief.


• The day I saw you for the first time, I came to realize that things will be fine between you and me. You are so compatible.


• If you need someone to comb your hair, call me, I will do it for you, if you need someone that will make you laugh until you forget your sorrow, I will always be there for you.


• Falling in love with you blows my mind, it gives me the joy to see you happy whenever we are together.


• Your face is always full of light, it is something I cannot deny its glow as it illuminates my heart and blesses it with happiness.


• No matter where you go, trusting you will not be a burden, you have always been a very trustworthy person.


• The happiness I derive from being in love with you is enough to liberate the world. You are so sweet.


• Your presence in my life has given me the confidence to smile every day, I will not forget you in fortune and in distress.


Believe in Love Quotes for Him


• My heart will not be at rest until I hear your beautiful voice. No matter how hard it takes to wait for you, I will never leave you for someone else.


• People may think I have gone mad being in love with you. You are the mercy that was divinely sent to me.


• Our kids are beautiful both in heart and in character, all because they inherited these from their beautiful and cool-headed mother.


• Sunshine like you is not on this earth, no wonder I smile anytime I set my eyes on your beautiful face.


• Do you know that you are my beloved angel? You are the most blessed wife I have ever seen on this planet.


• What a calm diamond, my happiness, the most handsome man that should be loved with sincerity.


• Climbing the ladder of love and happiness with you is what satisfies me the most. I can’t even take my eyes away from you.


• Surely, the love I have for you is not the type that can be taken for granted, words cannot express my love for you.


• Truly, being in love with you is a pleasure, except I can’t see you a day, satisfaction will not reach my heart.


• What a lovely lover, my heartbeat, the dweller of my heart when it comes to passion, I just wish to spend every moment with you.


• You are the dream of my heart, the most beloved woman I cannot forget. You are so lovely. I love you.


• For I can’t even think of leaving you for anyone. You are the queen of my heart and I wish to be with you all the time.


• The moon smiles at me, it tells me a lot of stories about the joy of being in love with the right person.


• Having being in a safe heart, I feel at home and wish I will be there always to feel the beat of your sonorous heart.


• Who will explain my love for you? I don’t even know why I keep falling in love with you all the time. I love your smile.


• You are so blessed, so cute, and precious. Your touch is great, and I will always be with you no matter what.


• The kind of love I have for you is not easy to understand, not even a word in the dictionary can describe my love for you.


• I am in need of a companion that will make me smile when I need her the most, you are so cool, and I love your smile.


• The moment you smile at me, I see stars that smile at me, this feeling relaxes my heart. I love you so much.


• You will be the only angel that will reign in my heart. I can’t even let you down for any reason, because you are my joy.


• The pain I feel in my heart anytime I can’t see you is very deep, only your smile can take it away.


• I decided to spend the rest of my life with someone that understands my feelings, someone that appreciates my effort.


• Who will let you understand that a word is not in existence to comprehend the meaning of my love for you.


• Come to me, tell me, you care for me, tell me, I am important to you because truly, you are the best for me.


• The moment of joy has come, the flower of my heart has arrived and I will stay with her for how long it may take.


• I will not forget a person like you. The fact is that your love entices me like the taste of honey. You are adorable.


Quotes About Believing in Someone You Love


• For whatever reasons that I fell in love with you, you are the best wife in the world, I love you with all my heart.


• Everything became beautiful when I found you, you would always be my favourite everything, I care and I love you.


• I have asked my heart severally why did she love you so much, and she said you are the most beautiful to her, I love you more than you will ever know.


• Sweetheart you are sent from heaven to me, that is why everything is beautiful when you are around, thank you for being the beautiful flowers in my heart.


• I cherish every day that passes, nothing would take me away from you as long as I lived, I would always love you forever because you mean so much to me.


• When I think of you, I think of all the beautiful moments that we shared together, thank you for everything that you have been to me, I love you with all my heart.


• I have searched everywhere in the world, I have never found a beautiful woman like you, thank God I found you.


• Sweetheart, you are gorgeous, certainly the most beautiful woman in the world, you bring happiness and joy to my heart, I would always love until I’m no more.


• I have set my heart to love you forever, no matter what tomorrow brings, and I’m here body and soul for you because I love you.


• Your eyes shine like the moon and glitters like the stars, I have never seen a woman as beautiful as you are, and deep in your heart I found warmness and care, I love you with all my life.


• Meeting an angel like you was by doing divine providence, I couldn’t believe that for all the men in the world. I was the one that found an angel like you.


• You are cute, you are special to my heart, I love you so much.


• Nothing would come between you and me, I have prayed to God to keep us together in love forever, I couldn’t imagine a day without you, I love you.


• I have always known peace and harmony ever since I found you, and nothing could make me believe that you are not an angel.


• Seeing your beautiful face every day has brought so much joy to my heart that is why I pray that God bless your heart forever.


• You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, words cannot express how happy I feel with you every day, I promise you all my love.


• I stop searching for true love when I found you, you everything that a man wants in a woman, your smile is the warmest I have ever seen; I’m staying with you forever.


• When you need a shoulder to lean on, no that I would always be there for you, I’m all for forever.


• If something makes me smile, you caused, I don’t know what I can do without you, you are my beautiful world.


• Sweetheart, I want to reassure you of my love for you, truly I love you so much baby; I keep close to my heart.


• Some times I just pulse and asked myself, what life would have been without you, you are just too precious to me.


• I couldn’t have loved another woman so much but you, I have been dreaming of you before I met you, you a priceless gift from heaven.


• I want to be by your side now and forever because my life would no meaning without you, I love you.


• In the event that I’m no more, I would wait for you in paradise; I have prayed to God to bless us forever.


• You shine in my heart like a million stars, there’s no moment that passes without thinking of you.


• I feel so happy just to hold your hand in mine, a day we spent together is like being with you for eternity, and you make my heart blissful, good to have in my life.


• I long to see when I’m away, your sweet thought always occupies my heart, it’s going to be you and me forever in sweet love.


• I would endure every moment with you, in good time and I’m a bad time, I would always be with you forever because I love you.


• I want to make sure that your happiness comes first in everything, I would do my best every day to make you smile, just know that you are so special to me.


• If I forget to tell you that you are beautiful every day, please forgive me, I feel paradise when you close to me, I love you.


• Let’s be together forever because our love was ordained I’m heaven, you are my beautiful wife.


• You took away all the pain in my heart just with a beautiful smile every day, I can’t breathe without you, I love you so much.


Quotes About Believing in Love for Her


• You thought me everything about true love; I’m engrossed in your love forever.


• When I hear your voice, I feel so joyful; I don’t know how to explain how much happiness you have brought to my heart.


• When I think about you, you remind me of everything that is beautiful, because you are beautiful.


• Making you my love for ever is the warmest thought in my heart, give me all your heart and soul, and because I have given you mine.


• I don’t care what tomorrow brings as long as I have you in my life; I know that everything would be perfect.


• I was imperfect before I met you, but you are one the first person that told me I’m perfect, thank you for believing in me.


• I have just rediscovered my happiness when I’m with you, thank you for being my best companion, I love you.


• I may not be saying this very often, but I truly love you so much, I wish I could spend every second of my life with you.


• I can’t remember any time you made me sad; spending a lifetime with you is a blessing for my soul.


• I would rather choose you than acquire the whole wealth in the world, forever would I be yours sincerely.


• You get my heart warm; I’m here for you forever.


• I don’t know of another wonderful woman as my wife, she is beautiful deep to her soul.


• Loving you every day is the best way to keep my happiness.


• I may not be by your side every day, but be sure that you would be beautiful on my mind.


• The joy of seeing your lovely face every day keeps me going, I have vowed I would love you forever.


• You keep inspiring me with your sweet love every day, thank you for being the angel of my heart, I love you.


• I get better and happier every single moment that I with you, I cherish you.


• I don’t know where I would have been without you, you brought so many splendours to my life, I love you.


• Thanks so much for always being there for me when I need you, I can’t imagine a life without you.


• Loving you passionately is the best that my heart could give you for all that you are to me, God bless you.


• If I have to pin down how much you mean to, I would have written thousands of romantic love series, you the most cheerful heart in the world.


We have written these messages for the benefit of those who are willing to text them to their loved ones. You can freely tap into these messages to enjoy yourself.

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