Best Prayers for Your Future Spouse 2021

Best Prayers for Your Future Spouse 2021


Your future spouse is a blessing that you should always pray about. When you have planned future marriage, then it becomes necessary to pray for the person you want to share your life with. Everyone wants their spouse to be a blessing and a gift from God. You need someone who will be loyal, loving, and has faith in God. Get inspired by our collection of prayers for future marriage, so you can have the perfect person for yourself.


1. I pray that my future spouse will have a good sense of humor. I pray that he will be kind, compassionate, and honest. I pray that he will work hard to provide for our family.


2. Heavenly Father, bless my future spouse. Although I have not yet seen him with my eyes, I believe you have brought us together. You will guide us to each other, for you know our hearts. Help me always to remember that joy comes through service and sacrifice. Allow me to see him clearly, compassionately, and without judgment. Help him see my worthiness through your eyes. Lead us to make decisions that will endure throughout the test of time. May we find a lasting peace together.


3. Dear Lord, I come before you today to humbly ask for your guidance and blessings in my future. I allow your spirit to open up my eyes and heart to your will for me. Even though I am unworthy, I pray that you will bring into my life a godly man that is willing to love me for who I am.


4. My beautiful future spouse, I don’t know who you are or what you look like, but I write this letter as a request to get to know you. You have no idea how much joy your heart has brought into mine. My love for you will never change. With each passing day, my love grows stronger; I am so grateful we will be together forever. Wait for me in heaven, my dear. I will be there soon until then.


5. Dear God, Please bring me a man/woman who will love me and only me. I pray that s/he will be the perfect match for me in every way. I want a spouse who will take care of their beautiful body, soul, and spirit. I want someone who is not against religion, knows right from wrong, and someone who wouldn’t mind living with my family. Help fulfill my wishes with the person I am meant to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you, God.


6. I Don’t Know How to pray; I never did know. I don’t have the right words. I can’t lead a prayer. But I ask tonight for strength and guidance, and an open mind. I don’t know where we will be tomorrow, but I do know it will be with you. You are a great man, a great friend, and my future husband.


7. Dear Creator, I want to thank you for bringing this wonderful young man into my life. I pray that you bless our marriage with amazing joint decisions and opportunities that help us be the best people we can be. I pray that our first night together is a magical experience like none before it. Dear God, please let me be the person he has been waiting for all his life as he has been for mine. Sincerely.


8. Dear future spouse, My amount of love for you is like the number endless. I want to create memories with you that we’ll never forget, and our love will be timeless.

9. I ask God to bless you every day because I know without a doubt he will. His desire and plan are always perfect and best for us, his children. I pray that he will reveal himself to you in a powerful, life-changing way! Please ask Jesus into your heart so that you may begin a relationship with him as well! I love you, dear future husband.


10. A single rose for my husband and a garden of roses for my wife. God blesses me with a loving future spouse by my side. My prayers were answered, and the angels smile with delight.


11. I hope in the future, when I am married, that my wife knows how much I really do love her.


12. Dear Lord, bless me with someone who sees beyond the outside, who loves my soul. I want a companion who will respect me and not my body. I pray that they see the true beauty in me. I pray for someone who loves to laugh and knows how to enjoy life, ambitious, clever, and kind. Help them to see the best in people, as well as themselves. Let them have an open mind and always be ready for a new adventure. Constantly remind.


13. I am praying for a future spouse with a smile brighter than the sun, which sparkles brighter than diamonds. I am praying that he has self-control like an oak tree and never swerves from his principles. I pray that my future spouse will possess a strength like the ocean but contain compassion as gentle as the rain. Without him, my life will be incomplete, but my dreams will turn into reality when I become his wife.


14. Dear God, I pray that my future wife would be the most beautiful woman on earth, with long and silky hair, soft kissable lips.


15. My future spouse, there is a thin line between love and hate. Hopefully, our love will never have to be tested, but I do want you to know that no matter how much I hate you when we are fighting or being unfairly dealt with by the opposite side while in court, I will always love you. I won’t forget that you will be my husband someday and that we will face any challenge together and make it through just fine.


16. Dear future spouse, before you came into my life, I had given up on love. I wasn’t sure if you were even out there for me. I didn’t see how things could work out with our busy lives. How could anyone find time to date with all that is going on? 


17. I’ll pray to God for your health and safety, for your happiness and prosperity, for your success in school and in work, your many travels and adventures, and the soul mate who will complete you. I shall pray for your big heart and your compassionate nature, your sense of humor, your unfailing optimism, and your hope. I will pray that you will always have a home with us. Your boundless love has given us so much joy —-> I want to keep it safe —> We thank God.


18. I pray that I will meet my soulmate, my missing puzzle piece. I pray that you will love me for who I am when we meet. Then I pray that you and I fall in love! God, I know you have someone out there for me. Thank you for answering prayers and bringing this person into my life.


19. My prayers go out to God today that one day we may meet, and when we do, I pray that you are beautiful. I pray that you.


20. I pray that, no matter what happens, we will always find our way back to each other. I pray that God gives us the strength and endurance to handle what life throws at us. I pray that we never take each other for granted but always continue to appreciate one another and delight in the time spent together.


21. Lord, I pray for my future spouse. Please let him/her love and obey you with all his/her heart.


22. I hope this prayer is not too late. I made it for my future spouse, but I also made it for me in a sense.


23. Every now and then, I think about my future husband and the life we will live together. I picture you standing in the kitchen, apron on, watering the plants, or playing with our kids while I cook dinner. I imagine us spending holidays together, watching football on Sundays, and hugging hello and goodbye.


24. Dear God, Help me find the one who loves me for who I am. Someone who will be my friend, lover, and husband. Someone who will love me unconditionally. Dear Lord, Do not allow me to settle for less than you have intended for me. God, help me create a happy relationship with someone where both of us can share our lives together and raise a family in your will. Amen.


25. I love you, my dear future wife! I can’t wait till our wedding day. God blessed me with you, and I promise to cherish and guard you with all of my love, care, trust, and understanding. You mean everything to me, and I promise to love you unconditionally for the rest of my life.


Best Prayers for Your Future Spouse 2021


26. As a promise for our future together, I want you to know that I am praying for you: every minute, every hour, every day. Please don’t worry; I pray for someone very specific. I pray that God will give me your heart and make you the one to trust in all things with my heart.


27. I cannot wait until the day we are joined in holy matrimony. I’ve thought a lot about you today, about the way you smell, how your hair feels between my fingers, and the comforting feeling I feel when I’m wrapped up in your arms. You bring me happiness and laughter every day, and you make all my dreams come true. I love you to the moon and back; I will love you forever.


28. You are my dream come true. I pray for our marriage to be prosperous, full of love and laughter, and that we have many years ahead of us to grow the love we already have. I can’t wait to spend forever together as husband and wife!


29. I pray that I will find a woman who loves the Lord as much as I do in the future. I pray that she makes you whole again, that she is just the right amount of crazy. Someone who is beautiful inside and out, with a generous heart and a mind full of wit and sass!


30. I can only imagine the love we will share when we are married for all time and eternity. I know our love will be a beacon of hope to others as they see your genuine affection for me. I pray that you are more excited about our future than I am. I need those reminders from you because every day that passes, I fall more in love with you.


31. It is hard for me to believe sometimes how much you mean to me. Every day I find myself thinking of you and wanting to be with you. I wait for the day that I can say, “I do,” and it will be forever. I pray that through everything in this life, we will make it through. That we will remain together until our last breath. That is my prayer for you!!!!!

32. Dear future spouse, I am writing this letter as the beginning of my prayers to you. I have been praying for you to come into my life and take the hurt away that I feel in my heart. You will be the one that makes me smile when I am down and comfort me when I cry. You will be someone that will love me for who I am and never change me. You will be a passionate lover that will sweep me off my feet and show me things that no one else could.


33. My dearest future spouse, I am so in love with you. You are an incredible person, and I know that our lives will be filled with laughter and happiness. I can’t believe that you are soon going to be my husband! We have a lot of exciting times ahead of us. Every time we talk or spend time together, I fall just a little more in love with you.


34. I haven’t met you yet. Some day I will. Until then, and even after that, I pray for you. I pray that you will be kind, and caring, and thoughtful. I pray you are considerate of other’s feelings and that your words are always kind. I pray that you feel loved by those around you, that your heart never aches with loneliness.


35. I stand here right now, and I know that our fate has led us to this very moment. It is my prayer that you understand who you are to me. You mean the world to me! You are my future spouse, my partner! The love of my life!


36. Lord, please keep her safe; she’s more precious than diamonds or any other precious stones. She is the love of my life, and she is truly a God-sent. I pray that she will always be in my heart and will always be by my side till the day that we meet again in heaven. My prayers are for her safety and happiness. I know only you [God] knows what’s best for her, and only you can decide what her future holds for her. You are powerful.


37. Dear God, I pray that when my spouse and I get married, we will start a family very soon. I pray that he will be a Godly man who is faithful, patient, and honest. He will be caring and kind, and he will be there for me through all the hard times in life. He will also be my best friend. Lord, please bless our marriage with many healthy children to bring us so much joy and happiness!


38. I pray for a woman who loves the Lord above all things. Who is loyal, affectionate, caring, and faithful. A woman who will love me for the rest of my life, someone I can grow old with and love like never before.


39. I know there is a reason we haven’t met yet, but I hope you appreciate me as much as I will appreciate you when we do. I love to be by myself, but I also love having someone special to spend my time with. Tell me your dreams, goals, and aspirations. We can face everything together with our faith in God.


40. I pray that God sends an angel to watch over my future spouse. I pray that God continues to bless us with love so strong, so powerful, and everlasting that no power in heaven or earth can break its holy bond.


41. Prayers for my future spouse”: Hi! Are you in need of a prayer partner? I am praying for those who do not have someone to pray for them. You are welcomed and are allowed to join me as we pray for all those in need on this prayer line.


42. I pray my future spouse finds someone as loving and caring as I am. I wish that one day we meet and we fall in love instantly!


43. God, please give me a spouse who will love me as much as I love him. Who is smart, funny, caring, and most importantly handsome. I want to share my life with someone who will respect me, support me, and love me always.


44. God, please send me my soul mate. Someone to share my future with. I want someone who knows love. A person with passion and compassion. Someone I can build a life with and be there for each other unconditionally.


45. I pray that the one I am meant to spend my life with will feel the same way about me and want to be with me for every step of our lives together. I hope we will both want to make each other happy and truly cherish this love forever.


46. I pray that God would bring to me a wife who is so beautiful inside & out that she glows whenever she enters a room. I pray she will be so in love with me that our time spent together will never feel like work or chores can be easily accomplished. I know He’s already given me the gift of you but pray he would bless me with her before he calls me home.


47. There is only one thing in life I want, only one person that I want. That is you. As I pray that God brings you into my life, and answers my prayer for a true and forever love, I hope that you are the answer to my prayers and that we will be together soon!


48. I offer up this prayer to God, that He would grant me a spouse. I pray that this spouse will be real and for this not to be just one of my many wishes. I pray that this soulmate will be faithful, steadfast, and accepting. I pray to God that I may find you.


49. I pray that there is a woman out there somewhere who soon will be coming into my life. I pray that she will be someone that I can respect, cherish, honor and love. Someone who can fill my heart with the happiness and love that I need and has yearned for all these years.


50. Dear God, I fall more in love with my future spouse every day. Please help me to cherish every moment that we will spend together and bring us closer during the times that are difficult. Thank you for creating such beauty out of this mess on earth, I long for the day when I will be able to kiss her on the cheek.

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