I Miss You Message for Him/Her Long Distance 2021

I Miss You Message for Him/Her Long Distance 2021


I Miss You Message for Him/Her Long Distance 2021


I Miss You Message for Him/Her Long Distance 2021 I long for a time where we won’t be able to create more distance then we already have. where the possibility to travel thousands of miles in an instant will bring us closer together, not further apart. now the awareness that I am actually farther away than I was yesterday is more irritating then it is comforting.


I Miss You Message for Him/Her Long Distance 2021 –  I really miss you, my love. It’s been a long time since we had last seen each other. I am writing this message to tell you that you are always in my thoughts. It feels as if you just left me a few minutes back. When I think of you, it leaves me wondering why couldn’t the day have lasted forever?


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I Miss You Message for Him Long Distance



• It is like you are already here, that’s exactly how I am missing you right now. I just want to ensure that I hug you tonight.


• Loneliness is so harsh on me and the reason is that I can’t find a way to meet you soon. I miss you so much and I love you.


• Anytime you turn your back away, I am sad because I know how much I will miss you. I love you, darling.


• Since the day you left, I have been so sad because there is no one to say I care. I miss you my heartbeat.


• How do I live or love again without you? You have been there for me since these days and that’s why missing you had increased.


• I used to be happy until you left me. Please, come back soon so I can be myself once more. I love you.


• You gave me happiness when I least expected it. That’s the best feeling I had this year. I love you my heart.


• Thanks for the entire moment you shared with me, it shows that you are the perfect man for me. I love you.


• The moment I set my eyes on you, I realized that you are the best man for me. I am missing you seriously.


• I hope one day, you will understand how much I love you. Your happiness will remain my watchword until the end of time.


• You are a lovely angel and being in love with you is my favourite feeling, I miss you so much.


• Being your love and friend has taught me a lot of things in life, it has taught me that I can sacrifice everything to make humanity great.


• I can’t deny the fact that I miss you. This life has something special and that’s why I met a wonderful lover like you.


• Whoever misses you has missed something more precious than diamonds. I love you.


• The love of my life, thanks for everything you have done for me, and I can’t deny that I miss your laughter.


• Those giggles, those smiles, and interesting words that spark my heart with passion are all missed along with you.


• I believe someday, we shall meet again and there will be no reason to cry again. I wish you all the best, now and forever.


• May the Lord protect you wherever you are. I miss you. You are the pearl of my heart. I will always love you.


• The one I cherish the most, may the Lord continue to promote you in life. I just want to say I miss you.


I Miss You Message for Her Long Distance


• If I haven’t seen you for a day, I feel like the world is against me. Now that you are far away, I wonder how to cope.


• I will not forget the fact that you are the precious angel sent to wipe away my tears. I love you.


• Every day and night, my heart beats for you because you belong to me.


• You have been the most precious love of my life, the one I will never forget all the days of my life.


• Loving you is my hope and happiness and I will not fail to do so always.


• As you have been so nice to me, I will always love you and respect your home.


• You are the best husband. I miss you and hope to see you soon.


• Whenever I think of the things we have shared together, I realize how lucky I am to have your type in my life.


• Never mind what people say about us, let us enjoy the love that we share in common. I miss you.


• Come to this love that is ready to do everything for you. A lover full of happiness and joy and is ready to make you happy too.


• I never believed I will miss you this much. I am sorry for the things I didn’t say to calm you down.


• My dear husband and a good friend. I wish you a very precious day ahead.


• This is morning time, a special day is a great time and precious moments to be shared with you.


• I will always be ready to be where you are always. Loneliness is doing hard on me.


• Please come to me, I love and think of you every single second.


• What is happening to me? I realize that I cannot sleep without hearing from you. I miss you.


• Your presence is a key factor in my happiness. I am sad today because you are far away from me.


• I will always be there for you. I need you to be here for me because I miss you like never before.


• I have many reasons why I can’t stop loving you. I have you as my number one priority in life.


• No man can take your special place in my heart. You are the last man standing. I miss you.


• You are the prince of love I found in life. Thanks for the love you always make me enjoy.


• The moment I set my eyes on you, I knew you will be the most amazing person in my life. I love you.


• I am seriously in need of your presence so that I can be lively once more. I miss you.


• Missing you has turned me into a sad woman, only your presence can cure me.


• I love the fact that you are part of the world, you belong to me in any way because you gave me joy, love, and happiness.


I Miss You Message for Boyfriend Long Distance


• You don’t actually know why I have been so much in love with you like never before. I feel like loving you till eternity.


• I need you beyond what you think about me because you are my blessing in life.


• You must be the divine man-made for me. There is no doubt about this.


• I feel like making you happy forever and ever. I miss you.


• May you find favour in anything you do. Please, come and rescue me from this loneliness.


• The day we shall meet again will be the most amazing day in this world. I miss you like never before.


• Thanks for the love you show to me. I will never forget you for the rest of my life.


• I have been so busy looking for a way we can share most of our time together. I miss you.


• Whenever you turn your back on me I feel bad because I know I’m going to miss you.


• You have all it takes to make a woman happy and at the same time all it takes to make her miss you.


• In no time, I will be the happiest lady in town because I will soon reach out to you. I love you, my dear angel.


• You are my dream comes true, the only man that can do anything I demand. You are so amazing and I will never deny this fact.


• Surely, your love for me is the ideal one. I need your type every second in my life.


• Just the way I want it, that’s how you have been showing this sweet love for me. I love you like never before.


• Tell me what you want and I will give you more than that. I miss paradise out of you.


• You are my paradise why then did you go for too long? I miss your giggles, smile, and sweet love songs.


• The very moment you came into my life, I realized that you will be the man that will make me the happiest woman in the universe. I miss you.


• I miss your smile, your warm smile, your endless passion, and your romantic kisses.


• I will not let you feel the pain of how much I miss you but now you are already feeling some part of it because you didn’t show that you don’t love me.


I Miss You Message for Girlfriend Long Distance


• There are some people in this world you cannot do without, such as the like of your face, a face of honour. I am in love with an angel.


• You are passionate and I can feel that in the way you relate with me. You are a superhero, and it has affected me too.


• Do you know how much you mean to me? Just like a million times better than the most expensive treasure in the world.


• I have never met a guy like you before. You are so special, lovely, and above all the gentlest dude in the entire community. I miss you.


• Do you know how a baby misses his mom? That’s exactly how I am missing you.


• Your love is one special one that cannot be comprehended because it comes in different directions. I miss you.


• You are the most beloved man in this world, may the Lord continue to be with you now and forever. I love you.


• Wishing you a happy life, a gorgeous day and always I want you to know that I miss you.


• I cannot deny the fact that you are more precious to me than the food I eat. You are my favourite and that’s why I am missing you.


• In no time, you will come back home, and then, my heart will be at rest. I love everything about your lifestyle.


• Share this moment with me, I am sorry for everything I haven’t said to make you happy.


• You are my dream, the very dream that became a reality. Wishing you all the best in life is my number priority.


• Earth misses the rain, night misses the moon and day misses the sun. I miss you.


• I just want to appreciate the fact that you are a gem. I swear to God, I have never met a unique man like you before I miss you too.


I Miss You Message for Husband Long Distance


• The way you treat me like a princess makes me happy. I am so much better than ever. No wonder I keep missing you.
• Do not forget the fact that missing you is my weakness, please come to me.


• I have been so happy since the day I met you and the only reason why it is possible is that you are always there for me.


• The only thing I haven’t done since the day you left is to kill myself. I miss you too much and hope we can see each other soon.


• My beloved husband, when are you coming back home? It’s been for months now.


• You belong to me, and no one will ever take your part in this special world we find ourselves in love.


• I can follow you to the dungeons of love. If there is a voyage of passion, I don’t care to go with you. I miss you.


• You are the most amazing man that cares for his woman. I need you all my life and hope you will understand this soon.


• The only time I cry is when you are not around. Surely, you belong to me in every aspect of my life.


• I need you more than you can ever think or imagine, that’s why my temperature is always high whenever I miss you.


• You have been so nice to me when you were around. I miss you like never before.


I Miss You Message for Wife Long Distance


• I miss you so much and wish to see you again and again. I wish to see you for the rest of my life.


• Never forget the fact that you belong to me in all aspects of my life. I need you to know this in great love and happiness.


• I have finally found the best man in my life. No wonder I am so lonely thinking about you endlessly.


• In the morning I wake up with your thoughts, in the night I sleep with your thoughts in my mind. I miss you.


• Thanks for the true love you have been showing to me, I need you for the very love you show to me.


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