100 Plus Ways to Say I Love Loving You Message

Romantic I Love Loving You Message for Him or Her

I love loving you message: This is our newest text messages article about true love between two people. The messages without doubt are heart touching and romantic. You are going to love these messages and also text to your beloved ones.


Today Trends and Icing on the Cakes


• My heart is like a garden bring forth three of passion for you alone. I love you.


• There is a huge space in my heart, it is meant to love you alone.  I cherish you.


• If I can kiss you tonight, my cold will go away. My heart beats for your love, no doubt about it.


• Whenever I close my eyes, I see you standing right before me; that’s the sign of true love.


• Mere talk cannot justify how much you mean to me, we need to prove our love in a better way.


• Since the day I met you, I have found my lost treasure. You look exactly more beautiful than diamond.


• I can travel through the earth just to show you how much I care about you. I love you.


• Hurray! I have found the woman my heart accepts the most; even the earth will testify to my love for you.


• I am just always happy just because I have you in my life; passion lies within you. I love you.


• While you are alone and scared, just whisper my name and you will see me right before you.


• The power of the kind of love I have for you is very strong that no force on earth can break it.


• Whatever is meant for you cannot be taken away. No one should there come between us because you belong to me.


• Whenever you smile, it reminds me of a new day with beautiful reason to be happier than ever. I love you.


• Keep your head on my chest to hear how my heart beats for you alone. Hug me to feel the heat of my love for you.


• I came around and found a woman that entices me with endless smile. You have won my heart.


• If the case is yours, I can travel a thousand miles to prove to you how much I care.


• Our love is like light, it shines all over the place. When I feel the touch of your hands around me body, my heart beats faster than the speed of light.


• I must to confess anything; it is your love that will come out of mind. If I am to remain silent, it is your thought that will be on mind.


• You have a large place in my heart which no woman will ever occupy. Your eyes are like the brim of light of passion.


• I have many reasons to be there for you and so, there is no need for you to panic. I love you so much.


The Trend for the Day

• Give my heart something to eat tonight, just smile at me when we meet and that’s all.


• I have chosen this time to text you so that you can dream about us. I can see my kids in you.


• Take a very good care of yourself, that’s what I need from you tonight.


• A single day without you punctures my heart like a sharp object. A night without your kiss leaves me miserable.


• I have seen thousands of faces on earth, but none is as radiant as yours.


• The cuteness of your smile mesmerizes me like the taste of chocolate. If I can touch your heart with a word, I will be the gladdest.


• It is perfect to fall in love with you because you are worthy of being loved with sincerity.


• I acknowledge your stunning self because a gem like you is very rare to find. You have a lot of roles to play in my life.


• A night without you hurts like fire, a thought that doesn’t involve your memory is always bored.


• Every memory we shared has been stored in my heart, it will be difficult to erase. I wish you all the best.


• I found you lovable because you are my missing rib. You complete me every day and night.


• I can’t imagine that day when we will be together with you all alone in our matrimonial bed. I love you.


• With your love, I can gather the energy to climb the highest mountain. I wish you the best of lucks.


• I knew my heart will blow for you alone, my eyes will see you alone in the midst of thousands.


• The intense power of my love for you is beyond understanding—only lucky ones find such privilege.


• She said she loves me and I said she is my world. She said she cares, and I said I am all yours.


• For the sake of the special love I have for you, I am sacrificing my sleep to think about every memory we shared today.


• Having found you, my love for you increased beyond capacity, it is now beyond what I can handle.


• True love and perfect time spent together will be the best for you and me, I love you.


• I never knew I will so much fall in love with you in this manner. Your presence in my life represents blessing.


• No matter how some people try to split us, we are like the earth and the rain, inseparable. I love you.


Daily Trend for the month


• At last, I have found the heart that’s meant for me alone. I am the gladdest. I love you.


• I truly care about you because we are meant to be, I can’t wait to hug you tonight. I miss you.


• I have given you my heart, just take good care of for me.  I want you to handle my heart with love and passion.


• Your face is the finest ever seen, the radiant that comes from it makes the biggest difference ever. I wish you all the best.


• A part of you that can never be forgotten is that special heart of yours that loves good for mankind. I love you.


• You are the best man a woman should have as husband, thanks for the love you have been expressing towards me.


• It makes big sense to be with you, a bigger sense to be yours and an everlasting joy to spend the rest of my life with you.


• Shall will hold hands together and say I love you while we look into our eyes as two love birds do. I love you.


• I realize how much I have fallen in love with you and my heart will tell every good thing about you because you are my beloved angel.


• The treasure I admire the most, my night will not be fine unless I hear your beautiful voice. I miss you so much.


• Thanks to my blessed heartbeat, I use to love it whenever I think about you. You have been so nice to me.


• You gave me that love that none has been able to achieve, your attitude is the flower that attracts my insects.


• Loving you is my best choice, I cannot forget the very day we met, you are nicer than anyone thinks and that’s why I love you.


• Whenever you are stepping up toward me, my heart trembles because the excess beauty in you mesmerizes my heart.


• How on earth can I stop loving you? It is rare to find a wonderful woman like you in the whole of the universe.


• Don’t you see that I am constantly thinking about you? Indeed, you have been the only angel I love the most.


• Come to me, I am your lover and I am already going insane about your matter. My family can’t understand me anymore, because I fell in love with you.


• Most of the time, all I think is you. I am yours because no night that falls but your face must be shown in my dream.


• Peace be unto you my lovely angel, I understand how much I miss you and that’s why you can’t blame me for loving you.


• True love is not written on the face, it dwells in the heart. I can feel the power of the love you have for me because we are so closely connected.


• You are the living reason why I am here, I want to be there for you all the days of my life, I miss you so much.


• Thank God I met an angel in my lifetime. She is the God’s sent lady to wipe away my sorrow, I love you darling.


• You are the reason why my heart beats as though it will tear apart. Unless I have not seen you, it will be hard for me resist your charm.


• You have this charming smile only a goddess can possess. You are a princess in your father’s palace and queen in my heart.


• I need a fresh smile this morning and that can only come from a gorgeous and lovely angel like you. I love you.


• Do you know that my sleep has been configured around the kind of love I have for you? This means, I can’t sleep without you by my side.


• Anytime I close my eyes, I see you coming to me as though a virtual movement. The vision is so clear that it looks like reality.


• Who will explain to you that I am in the deepest love about you? I don’t want to suffer in vain. I love you.


• Your thoughts have become the blood that circulates in my body. I am so happy that you are part of my world.


• For being there always, thank you. I appreciate how much you care, I appreciate your endless efforts in my life.


• Do you know that you are the game changer God sent to me? Your words of wisdom are so powerful that I have to sit up and face reality.


• Before now, I used to think that true love is not possible until I finally met you in my life. I wish you all the best.


• The most important smile this morning is the one I received from you some few minutes ago. I wish you the best.


• I cannot withstand the aura of your beauty, so tremendous and precious. I love you.


• All I want to do is to show you how much I love you. I miss you like never before. I wish you all the best.


• You are my heartbeat, the only reason why I smile and the woman the Lord endowed my life with.


• Your smile is like an antidote to my pain. Anytime I see you smiling, happiness dominates my heart.


• Sometimes, I don’t want to hear any other voice save yours because it is the best voice on earth. I love you.


• You will always be my beloved one, the one I cannot stop loving for the rest of my life. I miss you beyond how you think.


• All I am trying to do is to let you understand that you are my heartthrob angel; you have taken my heart along with you. I love you.


• No one understands how much I am always interested in bringing love and passion to your heart. This is the power of my love for you.


• My man, you are the last man standing, the only man I wish to spend the rest of my life with, I need you beyond how you will ever think.


• Due to the power of your smile and the aura of your beauty, I couldn’t sleep throughout the night. I love you.


• The special smile that emanates from your face cannot be found anywhere. This is the most power smile of the century.


• I need you to understand the fact that you are special in this heart of mine. I feel your presence in anything I do.


• Whatever it takes to be yours, I will always do so to make you have the confidence that someone loves you sincerely.


• I need your smile this morning to be happy, I am in deep love with you as you have been so special to me since the day I met you.


• Falling in love with the right person is the most beloved thing that can ever happen to you, I hope you understand this special feeling I have for you.


• We have many things to discuss; they are not words but of actions that lead to intimacy. I miss you so much.


• Give me the chance to prove how much you mean to me. I want to prove to you that a woman like you is rare.


• You have all it takes to make a good wife. I love you so much that it baffles me whenever I cannot sleep due to your thoughts in my heart.


• The very moment I set my eyes on you, I realized how special you are, I never knew you are so mature to this extent.


• You are my star, the one I cherish with all my heart, you make me smile because you are my dream comes true.


• We are love birds, we are meant for each other and that’s a reality that cannot be over ruled. I wish you all the best.


• Being in love with you is one special task I love the most, I cannot get tired of loving you all the days of my life.


• The moment I set my eyes on you, I realized that you are my beloved angel, the one I will never let down all my life.

• Come to my heart and dwell, there is a big space left for you alone. I love you so much.

Daily Trends for Love word


• I need your love tonight, as my beloved wife, I deserve to enjoy this night with you. I love you.


• I don’t know why I love loving you, is this not amazing at all? You gave me interesting reason to be with you forever.


• Who can take your love away from me? None, because it is divinely installed in my heart for you. I love you.


• I will always be there for you as far as I am alive. I will never forget you for any reason because you are my dream lady.


• She has won this heart completely for herself. I can’t just deny this fact. She is the reason why I can’t let go my night for dreaming about us.


• When it is night, I keep dreaming about every fun we had together. I swear, I will always be there for you.


• I am so happy because I am thinking about you. I love that powerful smile of yours, that giggles are so special.


• To my beloved wife, I don’t have any other woman that can ever stand your chance in my life. I promise to marry you because I love you.


• Hello my sweetest darling. Look at your special lips, so sweet and I wish to taste it continuously. I love you.


• I need you to know that you make me smile for no reason. Sometimes, I will just stand up, and begin to look at you nothing else.


• Your eyes are smart because they are beautiful; I miss your body, the softest treasure I have ever felt in this world. I love you, wife.


• Every star in the sky represents the kind of love I have for you. If you want to know how much you mean to me, count the stars.


• An ocean cannot be counted, that’s the meaning of my love for you. I am in deep love with you.


• You have been so nice to me, and this makes me smile even beyond what you can ever imagine. I miss you.


• She decided to take the risk with me despite her father’s warning; she made it into my heart. I love you.


• If I can find someone that will love me as you do again, it means I am two on this earth. I wish to kiss your lips.


• Your lips are beautiful, I am sure they can taste like chocolate. How are you doing sweetheart?


• You are the peace of my heart because since the day we met, my heart has been so calm. I love you.


• For my angel, I wish to let you know that the pain of missing you is so intense; I wish to see you soon.


• Your eyes are so sweet to look at, I hope you are enjoying this weekend.


• My sugar lady, how you doing? You are so special, lovely and nice; I wish you all the best.


• To the one I cherish the most, loving you is my heart sugar; I can deny a day without your thought being a reason why I smile.


• Sometimes, all I need to be happy is to see your beautiful smile. I am sure you are a great angel. I love you.


• I can’t wait to make you the love of my life, the mother of kids. I just want to be inside of you any moment from now.


• It is my pleasure to say I love you so much. I am glad for everything you have done in my life. Thank you.


• You are an amazing father, lovely husband and the most beloved companion of the year. I love you.


• I chose to marry you because you are the one meant for me. I am glad that, you are my better half.


• Thanks for believing in me. I realized that many failed me because they lack trust in me. I love you.


• My heart is always on you. I don’t know why I love you but the truth is that I so much love you.


• Can I have the super taste of your lips, maybe the fire burning in me will be suppressed in no time.


• I don’t mind going into the biggest fun with my wife. I can always do the best to make you the happiest woman on earth.


• You have been so cute right from time. You are more than special, nice and above all, the most precious angel of my life.


• Thank God I met you. I met you for good because you are the freshest angel in this world and there is no doubt about it.

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