60+ Sweet Happy Birthday Letter To Best Friend

Birthday is special for everyone. If you are looking for some ideas to write birthday wishes messages or sayings in birthday cards, then you should scroll down because we’ve curated a list of some cool and unique Happy Birthday Letter To Best Friend


Birthday cards for your friends are not only meant to greet them but also to convey your affection. Send this special birthday letter that I have written especially for them. See how your friends will appreciate you and all the love you have for them.


Do you have a friend that turned a milestone in his or her life? You know — the age when they change from a boy/girl to an adult. What do you do? Some may send out a Happy Birthday card with a picture of some random object on it, like an old man riding on something that looks like it came out of the 19th century. Anyway, the point is, you don’t really know what birthday wishes to send to your friend (who turned 21 and now can drink. Wow.) and this funny birthday letter is the right choice.


1. We met one day, and I felt an immediate connection with you. You were clever, funny, intelligent and very good company. We have been friends ever since. With every passing year, your life has improved, and you have achieved more. It’s nice to see that what originally brought us together was your sharp mind. So happy birthday, and may the year 2019 add many more colors to your life!


2. Today is a special day for you, my darling friend! You are an amazing person, the best in all the world! I know that without you, I would have never achieved my dreams. I want to wish you a very happy birthday and hope there is much more yet to come.


3. To a great friend who has given me a glimpse of heaven on earth, I wish you a very warm birthday. Your friendship is awesome. I enjoy being around you always. May you have more great moments to come and never lose hope in the darkest times. I love you more than words can explain.


4. On this day of joy, I wish you happiness and prosperity. May all your dreams come true, and may you remain surrounded with love from friends and family. Happy Birthday!


5. Because of you, I have become a better person. You have been such a great friend, and I thank you for being in my life, wishing you the happiest of birthdays!


6. With all the joy and love of friendship, I wish you a very happy birthday. May this day bring nothing but happiness and contentment!


7. Your friendship, warmth, and cheer are the gifts I treasure most. May you savor the precious gift of life, your growing family, and good friends. Happy birthday to you!


8. I watch you grow from a small kid to a grown man. I remember when, and I would have gone halfway across the globe just to get your smile out of your face. Happy birthday, you great person you are!


9. Wonderful to see you here in this group. You have proven to be strong, smart, and successful. The world needs more people like you! I am thankful that You are around and that I am privy to your stories and knowledge. On your special day, know that you are loved and appreciated. Happy birthday my friend!


10. Happy Birthday! I hope your birthday would be as special as you are. I always remember the friendship we shared in those college days. Life was simple those days, and we were both so much more innocent.


11. On your birthday, I would like to say thank you for giving me so many unforgettable memories. I am grateful for the moments we share together and for making the best out of each day. I know that what has passed is gone forever, but there will be more to remember all your life. Have a memorable day!


12. On your birthday, I want to wish you the best in everything. You have been a good friend to me. You stood by me for so long, and I will never forget your sacrifices. Although we are far, you are always on my mind, and that’s why I want you to be surrounded with love and happiness on this special day. So, enjoy it!


13. Have a lovely birthday, and let the celebration begin! You are an inspiring soul with a huge heart, and you deserve all the happiness in this world. I am grateful to have you as my love! Have fun!


14. I just want to wish you a very happy birthday! May today be filled with warm smiles, lots of love, and great cheer! I hope the world surprises you with warm wishes. Enjoy your special day!


15. This is to my best friend, whom I love. Today is your birthday, so I want to wish you a very happy birthday! Your friendship has always been a blessing for me, especially when I was down and troubled. Thank you for being there for me whenever I need you. You are a very special person, and I love you.


16. On this special day, I am grateful for all the moments we have shared. They have been very special and meant a lot to me. Needless to say, you are a friend like no other, and I thank God for having you in my life. You have been an inspiration to me, and life is much more fun with you around. So here’s wishing you a very happy birthday!


17. Today is a very special day. Here’s wishing you nothing but more years of good health, fun tasks, and joyful life! You are among the few who know my likes and dislikes and have respected me for who I am. I hope we continue to be great buds for years to come.


18. Dear friend, I am so grateful you are a part of my life! My life has become much better because of you. You have always supported me and guided me throughout my life. Thank you for showering your affection on me and making this birthday special. I hope that my little efforts have also contributed in taking care of you as a friend. On this day, I wish you good luck and great health.


19. Today is a special day, for it is the day you were born. You came to this world with different dreams in mind and decided that nothing would stop you from fulfilling them. You have been a good friend to me, and I wish you all the best in the world. I know that today will be a day to remember as we go through life; that’s why I feel envy even if it’s my own birthday or not. I am no less happy to share this day with you.


20. You were my first friend, and to this day, you are one of my closest friends. I am really glad that our friendship has been long-lasting and true. I hope that it will continue in years to come. I wish you a very happy birthday! Best wishes for an amazing year!


Letter For Best Friend Birthday


21. No matter how far I may go or how many miles separate us, you will always remain my best friend. Thank you for everything you do and for all the support. May your birthday be filled with fun and happiness!


22. Happy Birthday, Friend. You have enriched my life with your presence. Your company is what I need to be happy, and no one else. You have an extremely soft heart, and you care about people around you more than anything else in the world. You are a wonderful friend; thank you for everything!


23. You have been my dearest friend for the past few years now. Thanks to you, I managed to go through some of the most difficult times without losing hope. Thank you for your bright smile, optimism, and endless support. These qualities are priceless and should be used to uplift everyone out there. Keep smiling! I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart!


24. You are my best friend, more than a brother to me. You have stood by me through thick and thin, always giving me your valuable advice and sharing every happiness with me. I pray for a very happy birthday in advance that this day may be the happiest moment of your life. May God bless you abundantly today and always.


25. Birthdays should be celebrated by appreciating our loved ones as they have contributed a lot to our lives. I look up to you as my friend, and I am lucky to have you as my friend.


26. Dear friend, today you are the birthday boy! As a birthday present for you, I would like to thank you for all your help and support. Things would have been different had we not met each other when we did. You have played a significant role in my life, and I am grateful for everything that you have done for me in these last few years.


27. My friend, I am grateful for all the laughs and fun that we have shared. Today, I want you to know that life is better because of your friendship in my life. I will always treasure the memories we shared, and you will be remembered forever in my heart. May your birthday be remembered for many years to come!


28. I am sure you must have a huge agenda for today. However, let me add just one – to celebrate your birthday with all love and affection that I have for you. Your unconditional love has been a source of inspiration for me throughout my life. You are someone who made the most of what he/she had – and you worked hard to get more out of it.


29. I hope you have a lovely birthday! I will always cherish the memories we share. You are one of my best friends, who I can rely on in times when others have failed me. Your unconditional love for me never allowed me to go astray. On your day, I wish you a happy and enjoyable time!


30. May you have a fantastic time on your birthday! Remember to kick up your heels and have some fun. Remember, it is going to be a great year for you – lots of wonderful things are going to happen, and I want to be right there with you every step of the way. XOXO.



31. Your friendship has meant a lot to me. You have been like a brother to me. Despite the ups and downs, I have always known you were always there for me. Today, I just want to say how extremely good it feels to be your friend. You have given me unconditional love and support beyond anyone else’s imagination. No matter where we are and what we do, I will always remember our birthday friendship as one of the happiest moments in my life.


32. Some treasures are not silver or gold, but true friends are priceless.” Today I gift you the rarest treasure of all – my heart. I value your friendship more than anything else in this world. My life path has turned a new corner with your entry into my life. I wish that all your dreams come true on this special day. May happiness surround you like the air you breathe! Love you always!


33. Birthday isn’t just about growing older each year; it is a time for looking back and appreciating all that makes you one of the best people I know.


34. On your special day, I wish you a million things: wealth, health, prosperity, and joy. I thank God Almighty for having brought you into my life to take care of me when I was going through a hard time in my life. Thanks also for the love that you have showered on me with much care and affection.


35. Your birthday is an opportunity to thank you for all the happiness you have provided me! You are the reason for my smile and laughter. You have always been there for me through it all. Thank you so much for being a wonderful friend who always takes care of me and keeps me positive; I cannot express my thanks through words. Happy birthday, friend!


36. I was thinking about you the whole day. I hope you are doing well too. I am sending this short note to wish you a very happy birthday! Take care, and may you have this year be the best one yet!


37. Birthday is an opportunity to look back at the experiences of the last year and then move on with gratitude. It’s an opportunity to laugh and giggle about last year and all the fun we had. I am forever grateful that you have entered my life, making it a happier one. Thank you for being there always!


38. When I have a problem or am feeling down, you are the one who gives me the words of advice which put my world and my life in perspective. I do not know what I would do without you. Happy birthday!


39. How are you doing, my friend? I hope you have a great day! I ask you to make a big deal out of your birthday and have lots of fun this whole day! I hope you have a blast!! Happy Birthday.


40. I always wished I am like you, and you are my role model. You always have a smile for everyone, and your eyes gleam with joy. The pain of life has been a little easier to endure with your cheerful presence around. There is something special about you that attracts all kinds of good things to you. I wish I could be more like you in the future. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthdays Wishes For Best Friend


41. Your birthday is a perfect chance to thank you for all the great times you’ve given me. You have kept me happy all my life. I can imagine how many times you have saved me from getting bored and doing something wrong. Thanks to you, I’ve grown into a responsible person who knows how to make the best of life and the people surrounding him. On this day, my friend, I wish you all the happiness in the world! Lots of love!


42. Today we have a chance to celebrate your life, your special moments, and the precious gifts you have made to my life. You have made me smile and cry, and I am grateful to you for all those things. I hope this day comes with as many cheerful memories as you deserve. I wish you all the happiness in this world just because of what you have done for me. Happy Birthday!


43. Dear friend, since the day you came into my life, you have been a tremendous source of strength and support. Thank you for making me feel less lonely and less sad. I wish you a happy birthday!


44. On your birthday, all I want to say is that you have been a great friend through all the highs and lows of life, with your shoulder always available for me to cry on. Lots of birthday wishes for a wonderful friend!


45. Hi, I wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come! It is my pleasure to be your friend.


46. Today is your day, so let’s party like there is no tomorrow. It’s your turn to be the main attraction in the center of attention. Everyone will be happy to see you again and give their best wishes. Remember, your birthday is a good opportunity to restore relationships with family and friends. Carol


47. How is that possible that your birthday comes only once in a year? You are such a fascinating human being. I want to thank you for always being there for me in my worst times. Whenever I felt sad, you were the one who lifted my spirits, making me see that everything was going to be alright someday. I hope you have an amazing birthday tomorrow!


48. I have known you for quite a while, through good times and bad times too. I can say without any hesitation that I consider you as my good friend, someone I can rely on. You are talented, beautiful, and intelligent. You have shown me how to live life fully and enjoy each second of it. Happy birthday to you!


49. Your friendship is a gift that I greatly treasure. Thank you for always being there when I need you. You have made me feel like family and become my best friend. Today I celebrate your special day and wish you a lot of happiness, health, and success in the new year to come!


50. Through all those years, we have been the best of friends. You were always there for me through thick and thin. Thank you for your friendship, love, and support. I will be forever grateful to you. I wish you a happy birthday!


51. Every time I am down and needed a friend, you are always there for me. I am lucky to have a friend like you. May your birthday be brimming with blessings and happiness!


52. My beautiful friend, Wishing you all the best on your special day! As you celebrate every year of your life, I hope that this year will be even more memorable and bring you happiness and joy. Thank you for always being there for me, and I wish you much more in the coming future.”


53. Dear friend, I want you to have millions more of these sweet birthdays! You deserve all the happiness life can give. No one deserves more than you. Enjoy this special day marked out for you and make the most of it! I wish you success in everything you do.


54. On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday! I know your life always revolved around me and my happiness. You have taken care of me and made me who I am today. Thank you are small words compared to all that you have done for me.


55. Dear Friend, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you are my best friend. When I was down and out, you always lifted me up when no one else did. Whatever happened to us, I know that there will always be an unsolvable connection between us. I wish you a very happy birthday!


56. Dear friend, with time and age, comes maturity. You have been a great friend to me throughout the years, and I pray that you will continue to do so. You have always been there for me through thick and thin, and I pray God will give you good health and wealth as you enter your twenties. I hope God keeps on blessing you well beyond this age! Happy birthday my friend.


57. Wow! Another year has passed by. I don’t know how you manage to make each day appear like a fresh one. No matter how many times I see you, you always bring chaos and joy around you. You are such a master of life, and without you, my life would be dull and boring. Today should be celebrated all over the world because only a few like you exist on this planet.


58. Today is your day. As much as I am happy for you, I wish we were at home with some ice cream and watching a trashy movie! But since we are here, may this be the most smashing birthday of your life.


59. You have been my best friend and a true companion for years. I wouldn’t be the person I am to date without you. Let’s grow old together so that we can have fun recalling our golden days.”


60. The fun times we have had, and the memories we created are simply priceless. There is no greater joy than those moments. I am ecstatic to have you as my friend; you are such a great guy. You are handsome, fun, and good-hearted. Happy birthday!


61. It is with a heavy heart that I am sending this message to wish you a happy birthday. From the time we met at school, you have always had a huge heart and spread love all over us. Today, your life stands for something much greater than what I ever imagined. You have made us proud, and the world looks upon you as a role model. I wish you all the best with everything you do.

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