Happy 21st Birthday to My Son Quotes 2021

Happy 21st Birthday to My Son Quotes 2021


People are usually happy to celebrate their child’s birthday. It is also a good practice to wish them, especially when they reach 21 years old. This is a milestone in everyone’s life, and this is the time when they become adults officially. It would be best if you always praised them for being dependable and mature enough on this special day. “Hence, here are some quotes and wishes that you can share with your son or daughter on his or her 21st birthday.


On this special day, let’s celebrate you as a person and be grateful for having such a nice and awesome son. Here is a collection of quotes about sons to celebrate your birthday.


Did you celebrate your son turning 21 with a party? Your son or daughter turning 21 is cause for a celebration. It’s another milestone in your child’s life. As you celebrate your son or daughter, I’d like to share my personal story on how we celebrated our son turning 21 years old.


1. Dear son, you might be 21 today, but I still remember the day your tiny little fingers grabbed my finger and how I knew then that you were special. Although you are my son, there is no other person on earth who put me through so much worry than you. Sometimes, I feel like the best part of my life was when your hand was always placed inside mine. Happy 21st birthday to my son!


2. Happy 21st birthday to my son! I am grateful for all the sacrifices you have made and the trials you have come through. You are a wonderful young man who has my back in all that I do. I will love you forever! Happy birthday, son.


3. To my dearest son, I did not have much when I was your age. But I did have support from someone who helped me make the best out of my life through his kind heart and unconditional love. Today is your 21st birthday. I had only one thing in mind, which is to wish you a very happy birthday, son. May you live long and enjoy every moment of life without any regrets!


4. On your 21st birthday, I wish you all the best that life has to offer you. May all your dreams come true, and may this day be a milestone in your life. Let me be the first person to congratulate you on turning 21, and thank you for making my life brighter. I love you, son! Happy birthday!


5. You have given life to the world for me. I love you so much that words can not even express it. I also appreciate that selfishness which you have brought into my life. So, on your birthday, I wish you a long, healthy, and rich life ahead, my son. I hope you will make my dreams come true! Happy birthday!


6. Awesomeness can only be achieved by staying true to oneself, and that’s exactly what you have done. It’s my great pleasure to see you rise above all the challenges life threw at you. I’m proud of you, son! Happy birthday.


7. Happy 21st birthday, son! You have come a long way from being my baby to my young man. I cannot believe how time flies. I wish you every success and happiness. My fortune always smiles upon you, and may your life be filled with love and joy!


8. Happy birthday to my son with lots of love! May all your expectations come true, and may this day be the first stone on the road to a successful future. I want you to know that I wish you the best thing in life – happy moments and lots of success. Just remember me on your birthday as it will make me happy all day!


9. Son, for your 21st birthday, I want to say thank you for your patience in accepting me as your Father. However, I have failed many times to provide the world’s best and adequate provisions for my child’s needs. Your love for me shines above them all, and I wish you a very happy birthday!


10. Happy 21st birthday, dearest. I’ve always been so proud of you: in all the years we’ve spent together, you’ve grown into a thoughtful and devoted son and a man of integrity. I hope that I have encouraged your independence and have allowed you the room to become the person that you are today __ All my love on your special day!


11. I know I never had the chance to tell this face how much it means to me. The way you have grown up and taken care of me is beyond my imagination. You are an angel and all that I shall ever ask for in life. Today, as you turn 21, I pray that you would lead a fulfilled life and spread love all around you!


12. Your birthday means all the world to me. You are my darling child who makes this mother’s heart soar with pride. I love you with every bone in my body. Enjoy being a legal grown-up today and every day after that!


13. The day you were born has been a day of joy for me. Since then, you have grown up so fast. Are you aware that I want you all to myself? You are a great son. I feel proud of having raised such a great human being! May all your future endeavors always be fruitful and fulfilling! Happy birthday, son!


14. To my son, this day marks a very important milestone in your life. You have made me very proud, and I am thanking God that he sent me such an amazing son like you. It is amazing what 21 years of hard work can do! It’s time to celebrate your life as a free adult man. You have learned so much and achieved so much. You have yet to reach the peak of your potential, and I wish you all the best in your life.


15. On your birthday, I want you to know that I think about you every day and miss you just as much. Happy 21st birthday, son! There are not enough words to express my love for you. You are my little man and always will be. I pray that this tiny message brings some joy into your day.


16. On your 21st birthday, I want you to know that I was there when you were born. I carried you in my womb for nine months. The day you were born, I gave up the most prized possession that a woman can have to bring you into the world. Today, I give all of my heart and soul to you, hoping it will fill up some of the voids that I see in your life. Happy Birthday!


17. You are the only one who can pull off exuberance and fun. You exude joy and bring happiness to everyone. It was my greatest blessing to have you as my son. I am glad that I was there to watch over you during your formative years. You are a reason to celebrate your birthday with a party, a dinner, or an outing as you wish!


18. Today my son is a man. A man who’s strong, brave, hard-working, and honest. His life will never be an easy walk in the park. But I’ll always be there for him, no matter what. I’m so happy that he is here with me. I wish you all the best today and your future journey filled with success and happiness.


19. Dear son, just as it was your birthday 4 years ago, it is also your birthday now. You have been growing up so fast. I can’t believe you are already 21 years old. Happy Birthday!


20. Your life is not an easy one. You have struggled through a lot of mistakes and stupid decisions. But you did not give up. You held on to hope and made your life better. Today, I am proud of who you have become! My son has grown up to be a man! Happy 21st birthday!


Happy 21st Birthday to My Son Quotes 2021


21. You are the best son. You are very caring and understanding. I wish you a very happy birthday.


22. Happy birthday, son! My special day couldn’t be more perfect. I think that I have found the person who will be as perfect to you as I have been to mom. I am forever grateful for having you in my life!


23. Happy birthday, son! Your mom and I hope you get all the happiness in this world. We are both proud of what you have become and the person you have become. Thank you for being there for us with loads of love and understanding. Happy Birthday!


24. The best is yet to come, My Son! I am so happy because you are always perfect. I love you more than you will ever comprehend. Thank you for all the joys you have brought to my life.


25. Joyful to know that you will have a lot of happy moments this year. Happy 21st birthday to my son! You have made this day special and merry for me. I wish you all the best that life has to offer and much success.


26. On your 21st birthday, I can’t help to reminisce about our past trips. I am still amazed at how well we work together as a team. Your love for me makes me proud to be your dad, and happy that I chose wisely. I am thrilled to announce that you have turned 21 and that the family is growing bigger every day. I wish you a very happy 21st birthday! This is just the beginning of great things to come!


27. Happy birthday, son! I am sure that I am not the first one to tell you this – you have been a wonderful son ever since you were born. May your life be as bright and as full of joy as today!


28. Your birthday has come after what seemed like an eternity. I waited with bated breath for this wonderful day to arrive. Before you entered the world, I used to sing lullabies to you in my womb during the night. You have grown into a handsome young man, and one day, I will be able to see you as a smart young man who is doing something special in his life. Happy birthday.


29. You are the best son I could have ever asked for. When I look back at your life, I am sure of one thing: you will always find ways to make me proud.


30. My son, how have you grown so much in the past twenty-one years? You never fail to amaze me with your maturity and wisdom as you approach each milestone in life. You are always at the forefront of my mind. Your kindness and compassion make me proud to be your mom. I hope you enjoy your special day with friends and family to the fullest.


31. My little boy is no longer a little boy. He has grown up into being a man. I am so happy to see you grow from this tiny baby I have held in my arms to this fine young man who has done very well for himself. I remember the days when we planned your future together, and you have certainly come a long way. Most of all, I am proud of you soon and hope all your plans come true. Happy birthday! I wish you nothing but the best in life.


32. In the 21st century, here I stand, ringed around more by love than any other man. You fill my soul with your presence, and I pray for you to stay this way forever. Today is a special day in my life where I celebrate your birthday. I wish you a very happy 21st-birthday.


33. My dear son, today is your 21st birthday, and I don’t have words to describe my happiness and joy, for I couldn’t be more proud of you than I am today. You have grown into a fine young man who knows right from wrong and has a very strong sense of what the meaning of life is. On this day, I wish you all the peace, joy, prosperity, and happiness that our Father in heaven wishes for you. And may God continue to bless you.


34. Simply the best song in the whole world; happy birthday! I am glad that you are always there whenever I need you. The best thing about having you as my son is that I don’t have to worry about anything. You will always come through when needed.


35. On your 21st birthday, I want you to know that I am grateful to God for creating you. You know that I love you and always have. I will keep on praying that you learn the art of being patient and responsible.


36. Happy birthday to your son! Thank you for helping me believe in the goodness of people. I’m glad that I’m your mom.


37. There are no words in the dictionary to describe what you mean to me. In fact, there is no such thing as a dictionary. I am here to tell you that happiness flourishes within the light of joy, laughter, and love. You have always been there for me, my angel, and my guardian angel. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday!


38. Son, I am so glad to have a son like you. You are the best that has happened to me. I know that I have given you not much support but be patient with mom and know that your mistakes are a lesson for you. Son, it’s time to step into adulthood, be responsible and make sure you always do the right thing in life. I love you so much, my son!


39. Son, you turned 21! I can’t believe it. Time seems to have slipped past so quickly. I hope you can realize your dreams and achieve success in whatever you choose to do in life. I love you dearly.


40. My dear son! You are growing up so fast, and I knew one day this day would come. I surely hope that you will never forget the lessons that your mother had taught you in life, but remember to follow your heart and do what you want with the blessings that God has given to you. May you have a very happy birthday, and may everything goes well for you!

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