Top Greetings Quotes for Best Friends 2021

Top Greetings Quotes for Best Friends 2021


Top Greetings Quotes for Best Friends 2021


Top Greetings Quotes for Best Friends 2021 will help you find those beautiful quotes and words for your best friends. Using this app, you can be the first person to greet your best buddy on their birthday or any other day they want to be greeted. This application has a very nice collection of good Greetings quotes and wordings that can be used to send greetings quickly to your best friends.


Greeting words for friends: these are the latest wishes messages for friends and we have carefully selected these messages for you alone. We are sure you are going to enjoy texting them to improve your relationship with your friends.


Greetings Quotes


• My regards to the best friends in the world, I want to thank you for all the support you show toward me in life.


• My appreciations go to the world’s best friends. I can’t forget those beautiful moments we shared together.


• Lovely friends, I am sending my sincere greetings to you on this special occasion and also wishing you all the best.


• May the Lord continue to protect you all, and my sincere greeting goes to an amiable friend that is very uncommon.


• Happy birthday to my beloved friend, you are so special and as such my greeting goes to you in a special way.


• All my wishes today are to see that you are happy, good looking and successful. I wish you long life and prosperity.


• Thanks for this wonderful moment in your life, may you find it easy to enjoy this world as you planned.


• Congratulations on your wedding day, thank you for inviting me to celebrate the love with you. I wish you the best.


• It is with great pleasure that I’m sending you this awesome message to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday, wishing you many happy returns.


• This is your second year in a love and peaceful home. I beseech the Lord to protect your marriage for the rest of your life.


• Happy married life, you are simply the best in this world, may the Lord continue to bless you in every minute of your life.


• A friend like you is rare and the smile that emanates from your beautiful face is a treasure that can never be found somewhere else.


• Good morning to my angelic friend. Your kindness has changed my life for good, I am grateful for your efforts in my life and also want to wish you all the best this year.


• Happy new month to the best friend in life, you will always remain, my favourite friend, because you are the nicest of all my friends.


• I just want to appreciate you for all the good things you have done in my life since the day we met. I wish you all the best.


• May the Lord bless and accommodate you in every aspect of your life. I beseech the Lord to promote this year. Happy birthday.


• As you became a man today, my prayer is that soon you will invite us to celebrate your first child with you.


• I want to be the first to send you a wonderful note on your anniversary. I hope I am the first truly? Happy anniversary dear.


• Thank God for this day, I wish you more success and happiness in life, may the Lord continue to protect you against all evils. Congratulations on your wedding day.


• May we celebrate more of this day in your life, we are really proud of you and hope to see you happy forever.


• The infinite God shall bless your newly acquired certificate; bless you with a new job that will profit you forever.


• Wishing you all the best, may the Lord promote and bless your hustle. You are the best friend ever.


• Your smile is so deep that even a man cannot resist it. As you smile today being your wedding day, may God rain His blessing upon you.


• Happy 30th anniversary to the best friend of life. You are now a daddy and grandpa at your young age, that’s a beautiful thing to appreciate.


• I have been so much in love with your words of wisdom and that’s exactly what I love most about you, happy anniversary.


• My best regards to my one and only good friend, I am celebrating your anniversary in pleasure and happiness.


• Thank you for inviting us to enjoy the celebration of love with you. We wish you many years together in peace and harmony.


• May the blessing of God continue to reign in your life; may you find it easy to enjoy this marriage until the end of time.


• I am sending my birthday wishes to you right away, may the Lord continue to bless you in an unimaginable way.


• Wishing you lots of love, happiness and successful life. I wish you the best of achievement from now on. Happy birthday.


• Congratulations on your graduation, may the labour market profit you as you planned or better than you aspire.


• Good to have you in this world. I appreciate the love that never ends in you. I wish you the best before the end of this year.


• The most merciful shall bless your hustle, protect your heart, and purify your heart to see positivity in everything you do.


• Happy birthday my dear friend, long life and prosperity shall be your portion now and forevermore. I wish you all the best.


• You have been a very wonderful friend since the day I met you, I am also using this time to thank you for everything you have done.


• Congratulations, happiness shall be your portion from this day, you will never regret coming to this world.


• My birthday greeting goes to the most amiable friend in life. The only true friend assigned to me from above.


• Wishing you endless love, an unspeakable success and an ocean of laughter on this wonderful in your life.


• May your new day bring tranquillity and peace to your home, I wish you many successful days ahead.


• Congratulations on your wedding day, the most blessed God shall bless your marriage, and grant you, beautiful children.


• You are now part of the family of real men. I wish you success in this new way of life you have just adopted.


• Loving you makes me smile, happiness shall reign in your home forever, happy married life. I wish you all the best.


• You are the most interesting friend I have in this world and that’s why I will always be proud of you until the end of time.


New Month Funny Greetings Quotes for Friends


• Happy new month dear friends, the Lord shall continue to bless and protect you in all your endeavours. I wish you the best.


• Thank God for this day, may you continue to enjoy a wonderful moment with those that really matter to you.


• I pray you to continue to find your way out of every distress, I just want to say a happy new month. May the Lord bless you.


• Thank you for being a very nice friend. I wish you a more successful life ahead. I wish you the best now and forever.


• The Lord shall promote you this year as we begin another month, you shall find a reason to rejoice.


• New month, new success, new reason and new breakthrough, I wish you uncountable success in your life. Happy new month.


• As you finally made it to this moment in life, I appreciate you for being there all this while, may the Lord bless your hustle in great abundance.


• Having you as a friend is one of the most beloved things I have ever experienced in my life. I pray you to find it easy to enjoy this world as planned.


• May the Lord protect your business and increase the number of your clients this month. I wish you all the best.


• Congratulations dear friend, you are alive to see this holy month, may the Lord spare our lives to see many months to come.


• The Lord shall continue to promote you, bless your hustles and magnify your happiness in life. Happy new month.


• Promotion shall be your portion, long life and prosperity shall remain your quota for the rest of your life.


• May you succeed in anything you do in this month; may your focus and goals come to reality. Happy new month.


Best Birthday Greetings To Friends


• You are one special friend I will never forget until eternity because you have made a difference I will never forget for the rest of my life.


• May the sweetness of this new age continue to reign in your life forever. I wish you a special birthday.


• Happy birthday to a very important friend, may the Lord bless your hustle, protect and appreciate you in all aspects of your life.


• May the most merciful God continue to promote you in all your endeavour, grant you peace of heart and excellent joy in life.


• Thank God for everything He has been doing in your life; may your new age mark the beginning of happiness and breakthrough in your life.


• I really appreciate your effort in this world and pray you to find a good purpose to enjoy this world. Happy birthday.


• Sunshine shall be your share in this new age, you shall be celebrated and no one will proceed you in greatness among your colleagues.


• I am wishing you all the best and pray you to continue to progress in this world. I am really proud of you and hope for a greater height for you.


• All the best to a wonderful and amiable friend who values me with sincerity. Happy birthday my sweetest friend.


• A friend that values your friendship deserves a lot of accolades. I am grateful to God for bringing it into my life.


• I just want to say good morning, have the biggest moment in this world and I am really proud of you for being there for me.


• Thank you for the whole thing you have done in my life; I pray for a longer life for you, may you live to celebrate thousands of years in life.


• I beseech the Lord to bless you, put an endless smile on your face and protect your children from all evil. Happy birthday.


Wedding Greetings To Best Friend


• Happy wedding day, may you both live in peace and harmony. I wish you the most successful wedding of the year.


• You are nice, special and above all, the best friend ever. I want to use this opportunity to welcome you into a new life. Happy married life.


• Congratulations on your wedding day, you are special, may the Lord bless you with a special marriage.


• Love, happiness, success, and endless joy shall be yours for the rest of your life. I wish you all the best now and forever.


• Wishing you a peaceful home. May your new home bare you a lot of fruit of wedding and great celebrations.


• This achievement shall mark the beginning of endless success in your life. You shall smile at last and your kids shall come in reasonable numbers.


• I am wishing my precious friend the most favourable married life in the world. The spirit of peace shall reign in your family.


• You are so nice, peaceful and gentle, may the Lord look at this virtue of yours and grant you a good wife.


• This day is your wedding day, a blessing that has no limit shall be yours forever. Wishing you much love and happiness with your wife.


• I am proud of having you as a friend, I wish you the best in this wonderful world and pray you to find the kind of peace you need in life.


• Thank you for the true love you have for me, every moment shall bring love and passion to your new home.


• We are pleased to congratulate you on this special occasion, every day and night we shall hear good from your side.


• It is love and happiness that we will continue to hear from your side, we shall not hear evil from your side. Happy married life.


• As you are now a man, we pray to celebrate a naming ceremony with you soonest. Happy married life dear.


• Thank God for this lovely moment, may we continue to enjoy this type of blessing in our friendship circle forever.


• The success of this day is with God, so I thank God for bringing this day to reality. Happy married life.


• Every single day of your life shall be blessed with lofty height in achievement, and you will be glad you got married this year.


Prayer Greetings To My Best Friend Marriage


• Our Lord, we thank you for the actualization of this day and pray for another in the next month to come.


• Glory belongs to the Lord that caused this wonderful wedding day to come to pass, we appreciate the work of God in our lives.


• Lord, we beseech you to bless this marriage for them, give those kids and the wealth to manage the family.


• Congratulations dear brother, today is your wedding day, as you are happy and smiling at the same time, God will bless you abundantly.


• May you find the kind of peace and harmony that reign in the home of the most successful in marriage in your home too.


• Love will never cease to reign between you and your spouse, every evil trying to come between you both shall be destroyed forever.


• The most amazing God shall continue to amaze you with unexpected blessing in your family. Happy married life.


• Wonder will continue to flow in your home and people will never understand the secret of your successful life.


• I will celebrate you in all aspects of your life. You are one special friend that has been so nice to me. I love you so much.


• You are a great sister. Your support in my life has been a reason why I am moving up in life. May the Lord reward you.


• Your wedding shall continue to be the best among your sets. The rest of the world shall see you as a role model.


• My best regards to those that celebrated your wedding, I salute the time they created to celebrate with us.


Happy Birthday Greetings To My Best Friend


• I want to thank my friends for the birthday messages I received yesterday, may God reward you for making my day.


• The Lord shall answer each of your prayers and put a smile on your face as you all did to me. My regards to all that celebrated me.


• I am plus one at last, thank you all for your beautiful messages. I am really grateful for this wonderful gesture from you.


• May your Lord continue to bless you, may the Lord bless your hustles and reward you with the success that has no limit. I am grateful for every message that celebrated me.


• I never knew you all love me this way, I am seriously happy for the precious things you did in my life. I wish you all the best.


• Congratulations to me and I am happy that my friends supported me with good words of wisdom. Happy birthday to me.


• The most precious Lord, the omniscience and the best shall continue to reward every finger that wished me an awesome birthday.


• I wish there is billions of mine, I will shower everyone that celebrated me with loft homes and cars. I am grateful.


• You guys are sweeter than chocolate. Your presence in my life is more delicious than the honey taste. I am grateful for your messages on my birthday.


• Sorry it is coming late, I have been busy but today, I will be using this special moment to thank my beloved friends. Happy birthday to me.


Holiday Greetings To Boss and Colleagues


• I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday period with friends and family. I am missing everyone and hope we meet soon.


• You are the best boss in the world and it is my wish to greet you for this holiday period. I miss your leadership style so much.


• Great colleagues, you are the best workers in the world, how are you enjoying your holiday so far?


• The most merciful God shall continue to bless and protect you. I am looking forward to resumption. I miss you guys.


• Dear boss, you are so special, and your legacy will not escape our memories. I just want to say hello, how is the holiday so far?


• The most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me in this world is the fact that you are the nicest person in this world. I wish you the best.


• Wishing you an evergreen holiday, as you are enjoying your time with family, may the Lord continue to secure better means of livelihood for you.


• I greet you all, happy holiday. I can’t deny the fact that I miss you all. I wish to see you guys once again.


• May the Lord bring us together once again. How are you enjoying your holiday? Have you gone outing with your spouses?


• Enjoy your holiday, relax and play with your kids. Have a wonderful time together and never forget to appreciate God.


• Until we all meet again, may the Lord spare our lives and bring us together safely. Happy holiday guys.


• I beseech the Lord in His infinite mercy to protect you against all evils, bless your day and night and grant you endless success.


• I so much miss you and can’t wait for us to reconcile again. You guys are great role models and I miss your kind gestures.


• May the most precious Lord continue to bless you all; I pray for a wonderful, special and interesting moment between you and your loved ones.


• Continue to enjoy your holiday, it is your time sir. I want you to grow bigger and stronger before our resumption day.


• Never forget the fact that we are here to enjoy this world in such an amazing way, we are proud to be a part of one goal together.


• Good colleagues are like ants, we work together to achieve a common goal. Happy holiday to you.


• Mom, you are the greatest companion I ever had in life. Your sacrifices, love, compassion and passion led me to a great height in life.


• I will never forget your effort in my life and the Lord shall continue to bless you until eternity. Good morning mom.


• I will never forget the best mom in this world. she has always been by my side and for this reason, I will forever love her. Good evening mom.


• I just want to say goodnight to my precious mother, she is the treasure that can’t be replaced in this world. I wish you all the best.


• A good mother will do everything to make her children happy in life; you are such a wonderful mother. I appreciate you.


• Thank God for this day, we hope you will enjoy this day as you wish and the Lord will spare your life to enjoy with us.


• May this day be a great day in our life, long life and the prosperous day shall be your portion now and forever. I wish my mom all the best.


• Thank God for the blessing of a day like this, a day my eyes met that of my beloved mother for over many years back.


• My regard to the best and most amazing mom in the world. I wish you all the best of luck. Good morning ma.


• My sincere greetings go to an excellent mother with a great heart, your selfless service in my life will never go in vain.


• May you live to enjoy the reward of your efforts in my life; may you continue to enjoy every bit of your life in good health, and wealth.


These are the best messages you can always text to your loved ones, both family and friends. These messages will go a long way to bring strong bonds between you and your family. Cheer them up with our text messages.

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