Best Good Night Sms for Him/Her 2021

Best Good Night Sms for Him/Her 2021



Best Good Night Sms for Him/Her 2021



Send your lover and boyfriend/girlfriend Goodnight Sms and make Him/Her feel special in the night. Nighttime is the best moment to express your feelings by giving him/her lovely good night SMS. We have a large collection of Goodnight SMS for her or for him, So send them to your lovers or boyfriend/girlfriend.


Good Night SMS has a romantic evening or night time and definitely takes place at the end of each workday and in the midst of daily life. In order to include a balanced diet, send healthy people who send goodnight text messages for you, your loved and cherished ones.


Enjoy the latest messages we have for you, and this time around, we are prepared to offer you the best we can. These are the best good night SMSs we hope you will find helpful for your love life.


Good Night Sms for Him


• As you are covered in the light of the love I have for you, I hope you will enjoy the blessing that descends from it.


• Wishing this brave woman a splendid night. She is always on my mind, she is the woman that gave birth to my kids.


• Don’t worry this night will be the best ever. I will prepare your favourite and you will enjoy the best night ever.


• I just want to thank you for everything you have done in my life; you are the most wonderful love the Lord sent to me.


Upon the steps of your beautiful smiles, I found my happiness. Your heart is pure, and I can see the reflection of love in it.


• You are above the words I wish to describe you with. My people have already seen you in my eyes.


• Look at this beautiful woman. She is so gorgeous that I cannot even resist her looks. I love you.


• Let this night reaches you in good condition. You are my blanket of comfort on a cold night. I love you.


• May you find the peace of mind that makes you smile; I will always be with you for the rest of my life.


• You are so cute, even a smile from you can keep me strong for the rest of the day. I love you so much.


• You have been so nice to me, this is a perfect moment to smile, a perfect moment to think about the one you love.


• In the calmness of the night, the wind of your love blows on me gently. I am so happy because you are the best.


• You are happy because your love for me is the most beautiful gift so far. I wish you all the best in this world.


• The best moment I love thinking about you is the night, that’s when can concentrate more on every moment we shared.


• I found you at a time I needed love the most, and you gave the love I desired to me. Goodnight my angel.


• Every moment reminds me of the precious woman you have become since the very day I set my eyes on you.


• May your happiness continue to grow in great abundance; your night shall be enriched with happiness.


• I have a lot of reasons to live with you all my life; I will be there for you at every moment. When you are too lonely, just look into the sky, and you will see me smiling at you.


• Whenever the day is too dark for me to see, I quickly recall the moments we shared in the day. Goodnight dear.


• In this world, there is a great love in everything you do, I will be yours in everything you do, I will be there for you all the time.


Good Night Sms for Her


• Yeah, there is a shower at night—the shower of your love for me, goodnight to my precious angel.


• Every single day comes with a unique favour, I hope you will enjoy the favour of a night that promises love.


• May the Lord bless your night in a unique way, the eyes that see you will appreciate your beauty. Goodnight.


• I love one thing which actually makes me fall in love with you—it is your character. I love a man with a good attitude.


• I have a lot of reasons to stay with you. I have a lot of reasons to be with a man that respects a woman. Have a splendid dream.


• Who will explain to you that your love is burning in my heart? I cannot even resist the aura through which it bursts my heart.


• In the realm of love I found a lover, in the arena of passion, I found a very wonderful angel comforting to the eyes.


• The most beautiful moment in my life is that sparkling one I shared with you the other day. I love you so much.


• You are so cute, you are so blessed, you are so blessed and it is the reason why I wish to be with you all the time.


• In this world, I found the joy I deserve, that joy is no other thing but the gift of having you in my life. I love you so much.


• This night is one of the coolest nights in the world; it is a night that brings passion to my heart. Goodnight sweetheart.


• I am happy because you are a special lover. Just like a flame of passion, you didn’t leave a part unburned with love in my heart.


• Always remember that no night passes me by except that I have thought about you several times. I wish you all the best.


• You gave me a reason to smile, you bless me with a caring face, and put precious joy in my heart.


• Beloved, why are you so lovely that I do find it difficult to do without you? I am glad I have you in my life.


• Thanks to the woman that decided to do everything for me. I am so glad you are now part of my life. I love you.


• You gave me a reason to smile all night, you gave me a dream to appreciate and a moment to smile.


• Being in love with you is the reason why I am happy this morning. I will always be with you no matter what.


• With you, I am happy, with you, I am strong, and with you, I can climb the highest mountain in the world. Goodnight.


• If I can find my way out in the middle of the night, it is still you, I will come to meet. I love you so much.


• Wishing you a night with a spring of love, let the breeze of passion blow your heart with tenderness.


• I offer my heart to you this night, I want you to enjoy it to the fullest. I love you so much. I hope you will continue to enjoy this world.


• Wishing you most of the good things that spread around the world, may the Lord bless you in a special way you least expected.


• Let the wonder of a fresh day be the one that will last throughout the night. Goodnight to the love of my life.


• The night is a flower that smells like passion. Your smile is so powerful that a heart cannot resist it. I love you.


• If only you understand how much I love you, only if you can read the content of my heart for you, then, you will be the happiest lady in the world.


• I can go the extra mile to put an endless smile on your face. I wish to see you right away but distance will never let that happen.


Good Night Sms To My Love


• Good night my better half, my eyes may go to sleep, but your love is alive in my heart, see your beautiful face tomorrow.


• Good night sweetheart, may we rise together with a beautiful heart and shine at dawn tomorrow.


• Your love is the cutest thing in my heart, as you lay head to sleep tonight, I say good night to the joy of my life.


• May the night be filled with sweet dreams for you; you would always be my number one priority, good night.


• I wish I could dose away in your lovely arms now, good night, sweet dreams.


• May the moon cools your night, may the Lord envelope you under his care, good night.


• Good night sweetie, wishing you a wonderful night full of sweet dreams.


• I drift away with your beautiful thoughts in my heart, I know that my night would be filled with your beautiful dreams, good night my angel, may we be alive together tomorrow morning.


• You have been running in my heart all day, I really miss you, I wish I can see your lovely eyes now, good night sweetheart, wishing you a splendid night.


• May the Lord erase every worry in your heart as you lay your head to sleep tonight, good night my angel.



• Wishing you a heart full of joy and peace as you recline to rest your head this night, may the Lord protect your soul from the evil of this night, good night dearest.


• You have always been the joy of my heart and you would always be, good night, see your lovely face again in the morning.


• Good night, wishing you a beautiful night and a lovely morning tomorrow.


• I wish I could be there on the same bed with you now, I would fold my arms around your waist until sweet sleep takes me away, you are my beautiful world, and I love you.


• Every day that I found you give me so much joy, my life is incomplete without you, on a beautiful night like this, and I wish you nothing but a wonderful sleep.


• You would always be my sweet baby, I can’t breathe without you, my heart wishes you a lovely night.


• Deep in my heart is where I kept your love, good night my angel, may we see in a beautiful morning again.


• Good night to the flower that blossoms in my heart always, may I see your lovely eyes tomorrow morning again, I would always love you.


• I don’t just kind sleep without you, you are too beautiful for my heart, I miss you baby, good night.


• Every night hold the promise of your sweet dream, I been so happy in my life until I found you, good night my soul mate.


• Loving you is the best thing that I can do every day, I’m happy doing so, in tomorrow I would love you more than I did today, good night my angel’s heart.


• I don’t want you to change, you are beautiful just as you are, I love your whole, good night my beautiful wife.


• I stumbled into a beautiful woman, and ever since then my life has changed for the better, sweetheart, you mean everything to me, I cherish you with all my heart, goodnight sleep tight and dream sweetly of me.


• Your day may be hectic, but be sure that my Lord would bless you with a beautiful night, goodnight my smile.


• To love is so choice, and I made a beautiful choice to love you forever, I have never been unblessed ever since I found you, good my sweet Melody.


• I couldn’t count my joy just to stay by your side, I wish I would never live a day without you, I miss you, good night.


• May your heart find peace and joy as you rest your head to sleep tonight may tomorrow be bright and beautiful for us, good night sweetheart.


• One thing I know for sure is that I would always love you no matter what happens tomorrow, I knew from the start I would be there for you forever, good night.


• Good thing happened in my life every day, and that is thinking that I have you in my life, you are the beautiful light that shines brightly in my heart, good night dear.


• I make a beautiful choice to chose you as my wife, I would forever cherish the fact that I did, you are the best wife in the world, good night.


• May your heart find peace and refreshments as you lay your head to sleep this lovely night, I would wait for you in dream Land, goodnight my cutie.


• I wish you every beautiful thing that tonight may bring, may the angels be your guard, good night, sweet dreams.


• The night is for rest, u wish you a beautiful rest, good night.


• I would do my best for you every day because you mean everything to me, good night my heaven, wishing you a wonderful sleep.


Good Night Sms for Close Friends


• Every minute that counts into the night would bring you a sweet dream, I place your soul in the of Almighty God, he has never failed in his promises, good night.


• May the Lord send his angels to wrap you with his mercy, good night my queen, maybe there with you tomorrow morning again.


• My heart is full of happiness because I have you in my life, I wished I had known you all my life, good night my angel, sleep tight like a baby.


• Sleep and forget your sorrow, tomorrow would be brighter than today, with a heart full of joy, I say y night to the best wife ever.


• Looking at your lovely eyes alone is like heaven to my heart, every single day that passes I thank GOD for giving you me, good night sweetie.


• Your love has gotten a beautiful home in my heart, just before you close your eyes to sleep now I want you to know that someone loves you so much, good night my angel.


• Good night my sunshine, you are also moonlight, I love you.


• How come no one noticed you when I found you, the Lord kept you especially for me, he knows that we are best together, goodnight love.


• Smile for a beautiful night has come, may the enshroud your heart mercy, goodnight Mi Lady.


• As you prepare to sleep now, I wish a peaceful night, may the Lord protect and have mercy upon your soul.


• As we depart to sleep tonight, maybe arising with a beautiful soul tomorrow morning, good night.


• May your night be more beautiful than you have conceived, goodnight lovely heart.


• May we meet in a happy mind tomorrow morning, good night darling.


• I don’t have reason to be sad anymore, because I’m living with an angel, good night my dear wife.


• I love every night because I get to dream sweetly of you once more, good night sweetie.


• You look perfect for my heart every day, just a thought of you brightens my heart, good night my angel, wishing you a lovely night.


• Your love flows into my heart just as blood moves around my veins, thank you for everything that you are to me, good night.


• We look forward to bring more of these messages to your reach. We are always ready to bring you the best text messages ever.

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