Best Good Night Prayer for My Husband 2021

What do you usually say at night to your husband? Your child, hell if it’s not the first thing that pops into your head when you think of the person. Shouldn’t we say the same thing to our spouse? When was the last time you actually thanked your husband for being there? Today I want to share with you a really simple but powerful bedtime prayer that will help you go to sleep feeling more grateful and connected to your partner.


Good Night Prayer for My Husband


1. This is my prayer for you before I say good night. May your heart be filled with nothing but peace and joy. May you sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. In the morning, may you feel fresh and full of energy to take on another go’ day? I love you with all of my heart!


2. Dear Lord, please protect and keep my darling husband through the night. Grant him safe passage through any obstacle or danger that may arise. Bless him with no worries, such as work, gas, or his ISP. Dear Lord, please watch over him, for he is such a good man.


3. Lord, I ask that you please watch over my husband tonight. Protect him from all dangers and dangers. Please hold his hand and lead him down the right path. Keep him safe, healthy, and in your arms always. Thank you, Lord, for everything you do for us every day. Amen!


4. As you fall asleep tonight, I want you to know that you are my hero. You complete me in every way. Each day I try to be better so that one day I can be half the man you are. Thank you for always being there for me, and thank you for loving me with all of your heart. Good night my love, and I will dream of you tonight!


5. Goodnight, I sleep with your love in my heart. God bless you and protect you.’ She’s the light of my soul, my life, and everything I ever wanted. I love her so much that words could never describe.


6. It is late. The moonlight shines outside my bedroom window. You are not here, but I am smiling through the tears in my eyes. I love you so much and miss you each second of every day. I am sending good thoughts to keep you safe as you help our country see another day. I am counting the days until you are home, and we can hold each other again.


7. Good night my love; just a note to let you know I’m thinking of you. I pray for your safety and well-being as you sleep, that God gives you peaceful dreams. Goodnight, my love.


8. Each night I pray before I go to sleep. I hope you come and hold me close and that the love we share will keep growing. Each night I pray that our love will never end as our bodies melt into one. So please, God, when it’s time for bed, allow you to be by my side. Until then, I’ll close my eyes and dream of us embracing while we walk hand in hand on the beach.


9. God bless my sweet husband and all the work he does each day. May you have a safe and restful night, and may God be with you always. I pray for your peace and comfort, knowing that you are always safe in His large hands.


10. I may not have said it to you in a while, but I really DO love you. I love being married to my best friend. I love that we have our own little family and that we get to share it with each other. Most of all, I love that you will always be there for me, no matter what. Goodnight!


11. I’m not a religious person at all. But lately, I find it hard to go to sleep without praying to God and telling him that I never think of anything but my husband, how much I love him, how wonderful he is, and how grateful I am every day to have him in my life.


12. I love you forever and ever; it will never change. I am so lucky to have you in my life. No matter what comes our way, I know we will make it through. I am so proud to call you my husband and the father of my amazing sons! You mean the world to me, and I love you tons! Goodnight, my love. May God bring you sweet dreams.


13. The night is dark. My sleep is light. I need the rest but will not lie because I am thinking of you. While I dream, I want you to know that I maintain an unbreakable vow of loyalty, honesty, and devotion while you are away. Know beyond a doubt that your happiness is my happiness, and together we share one heart. Tonight goodnight with all my love!


14. I ask the Lord to watch over you while you sleep. I ask him to guard your dreams and keep them pleasant. I ask him to keep bad things away from you so that fresh air comes into your life. And since God knows what’s best for us all, I asked Him to take care of your life in a way that you would best like it.


15. I pray that You will always be with my husband, for he is without a doubt the greatest gift You have ever given me. May he be blessed beyond all his imagination, and may his life bring glory to You. In Jesus’ name, I pray and thank You, O Lord.


16. God, please watch over my sweet husband tonight and always. Protect him while he sleeps and bring him to me safely every morning. I love him so much and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him! Good night.


17. I hope this prayer finds you safe and sound. I want you to know that I love you more than anything else in this world. Each day that goes by just shows me how lucky I am for having you. Please get some rest tonight because tomorrow I will be the lady of your dreams!


18. Sweet dreams, my love, may your sleep be peaceful. Goodnight, my dear; sleep tight. I love you more than anything in this world.


19. My love, my life. I thank God every day for bringing you into my life. You are the most amazing man I know, and I would do anything to make you happy. I love you more than anything in this world and pray that we can be together forever one day. Sleep, tight baby!


20. I pray for strength through the day to love you more than yesterday; and patience to wait with you when there is nothing left to say. I promise to hold you, comfort you, and be with you until we are old and grey.


21. Before I lay down to sleep, I pray for you. I pray that the Lord will keep his loving hands on you and protect you however he can. I pray that His care cushions all your cares and struggles. May the Lord keep you well during this night and watch over you as you dream. Good night, my love.


22. God, Bless my husband this evening and all of his efforts. Keep him safe, and his family protected. Wrap your arms around him and keep him close to your heart tonight. Let him know that he is loved beyond his imagination as he goes about his day. May he rest in the fact that his life is more important than anything you have called on him to do today. May tonight be a peaceful night of rest after a job well done for you today.


23. I pray that my man remembers the day he married me. He prayed to be blessed with a long life so we could grow old together and love each other for eternity. I pray that he remembers his wedding vow when he lies down at night to sleep, surrendering his heart and soul to mine till death do us part.


24. I pray that the Lord tucks you in tight and sends you sweet dreams. I pray that he will give you peace and comfort when you need it. I pray that the Lord’s face shines upon you and gives us the strength to get through each day. I pray that you get all the things you want that our hearts desire, but more than anything else. I pray that your light shines before men so they can see your good works.


25. I pray for good dreams tonight, in hopes they come true’s. I pray that angels hold you tight and kiss your brow when you close your eyes. I pray that God will watch over you throughout the night and wake you with a new dawning light. My love, here’s my prayer to say. I love you so! Good night!



26. I will snuggle in next to you as close as I can tonight. You have kept me safe in your arms for all these years; I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Your love gives me strength, and your smile warms my soul. I am so lucky to be married to an amazing man. Good night and rest well, my husband.


27. As you fall asleep tonight, I pray that I can be in your dreams. I pray that the day’s stressors do not weigh you down so heavily that you cannot take one more breath. I pray that you find rest and relaxation. I pray that tomorrow you wake up refreshed and raring to go again, ready to tackle your day with all the vigor and energy that is at your disposal.


28. I pray that God takes care of you and will keep you safe when I am not there with you. I pray that God will remind you how much I love you and appreciate your never-ending support. God, please let him experience love as best as it could be. Please let me have his unconditional love forever.


29. As you lay down for the night, please remember that I love and miss you. Please keep us both in your thoughts.


30. My love, while you’re sleeping, I want you to know that my heart is with you. I hope every time you go to bed, I’m the first person on your mind that when I say “I love you,” it’s your favorite thing to hear. You are the sweetest man I have ever known, and I am so lucky to be spending forever with you.


31. I love falling asleep with you in my arms; I love waking up feeling your breath on my neck. I miss the little things like cuddling under the covers at night and holding hands while walking in the rain. Always remember why I love you so much because you are an amazing man that any woman would be lucky to have. Goodnight baby!


32. I pray that God blesses you with the wisdom and grace to find your way. I pray that God blesses you with the courage to find your peace. I pray that he allows you to feel his presence in the darkest hours of loneliness and calms your restless mind with stillness. I

33. pray that he gives you comfort and restores your hope for a future with our children and me. Plus me and our children.


34. God, I pray that you would bless my husband with peace and comfort to make it through tomorrow. I pray that you would grant him strength and wisdom as he faces the toughest day of his life. Lord, I ask that you give him peace when all hell breaks loose. Don’t forget him in the midst of the struggle and pain. Please give him a strong will to fight & be strong for his children. Could you keep our family close together?


35. I love when you come home from work to take care of me; I’m in desperate need of your attention and, most of all, your hugs and kisses! Please put me down and hold me close. Take my breath away like only you can do. Share with me your deepest secrets, open up your heart completely. Let me comfort you with a warm embrace, rub that beautiful head of yours gently let me love on you because no one will do it the same!


36. I pray that you have a goodnight. I pray that God will help you in everything; I pray that you dream about me. I pray that no matter where you are, you are in my arms and dreaming of me.


38. Good night my love. May you sleep serene and deep. As the gentle winds kiss the dew on your cheek, my kindness and happiness surround you always. May your dreams be sweet and full of light as you rest in slumber peacefully tonight. I love you with all my heart until we meet again.


39. Baby, you are my heart, my life, and my soul. Goodnight baby, I love you to infinity and beyond. I can’t wait for the day we go into eternity together hand in hand and make an everlasting covenant before our heavenly father. You mean everything to me!


40. I wanted to share this prayer with you before you go to sleep. This is my favorite prayer from our childhood. It was said (and prayed) at each meal and after every family activity. I know that God will never overlook the good deeds done in Christ’s name and by His strength. He is faithful and forgiving and will not leave us given enough time and prayer. May these words gently bring you sweet dreams tonight, my love!


41. God, please bring me restful nights and blissful days. Please let my sorrow be gone, and my anger ceases to linger in my heart. Please guide me to love and peace, and help me be your Comforting Arms for all who need it now. I give you praise and glory for being here with me, always walking beside me, just like you promised.


42. Every day I thank God for giving me such an amazing husband. I wanted to say thank you for everything that you do. Thank you for being a wonderful father to our beautiful daughter. Thank you for all your hard work at work so that we can have everything we need & want. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for your love and support with everything I do in life. I love you, sweetheart!


43. May angels protect you during the night and bring you close to me when the dawn breaks. As I stop to pray for you this evening, I do so, realizing how precious and short life really is. And as I breathe a sweet prayer in your ear tonight, I send it out to love you forever and always, my love.


44. I will sleep better tonight knowing that you are in my arms. Thoughts of you fill my mind and heart with love. May I always be there for you? I love you.


45. I hope you feel safe and sound tonight. Sleep well, my dear; I’m thinking of you with all my heart. Let your day unfold with love and all good things. I’ll see you when I wake…


46. I just wanted to take this chance to say how much I love you. You are the best father, husband, and man I could ask for. Never forget just how much I love you. Sweet dreams!


47. Before I went to bed last night, I set my alarm for an extra 30 minutes so that I could pray for you. It makes me feel better just to talk to you. I wish I could see your face and hear your laugh every day, but I know that’s not possible right now. I hope you are feeling better. I love you and will always take care of you!


48. I pray that you have a sweet night’s rest and dream of amazing adventures. I pray that you know how much I love you–more than 10 million raindrops could ever number. I would be lost without your love, and life would be dry without you.


49. I wish I could have found you sooner. If I would have, I would have put a ring on it so long ago. Thank you for being the best husband and father a girl could ask for. I love you, booboo and goodnight!


50. Goodnight baby. Sleep tight, my love. Don’t let the bedbugs bite! I hope you had a wonderful day today; you are everything to me. I love you so much!


51. I love you more than anything; good night and sweet dreams. I pray you to stay in your dreams all night, as I wish you were here with me right now to hold my hand. You are my knight in shining armor.


52. I wish you peaceful dreams that angels dance at your feet. I hope to see your eyes next to me. God gives us everything we need with love and care. I just want you to know that I love you more than anything.

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