Good Night Greetings Quotes for Him or Her 2021

Good Night Greetings Quotes for Him or Her 2021


Good Night Greetings Quotes for Him or Her 2021


Good Night Greetings Quotes for Him or Her 2021: Goodnights are a must for a healthy relationship. Good night quotes will help you to impress your partner by wishing him/her good night. Quotes for a good night are a good idea to wish them before they go to sleep. They can feel your presence anytime when they go to bed. So you have to keep in touch with your partner via wishes or love quotes or status or messages or poems etc. I am going to share here the best good night wishes quote and quotes that you can send via Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, or any other way according to the different mood of your partner.


Here are some beautiful goodnight messages. Are you interested in texting your loved ones’ best and touching messages? We have got your back and hope you will be able to fulfill your desire through our text messages, through good intention.


• Goodnight to the lamp of my eyes, goodnight to the tears of my eyes, goodnight the sunshine of my life.


• Every moment with you means a lot to me, it means the world to me and I will never forget you for a jiffy.


• Wonders cannot end not when we have people that are always ready to enjoy the world with us in love and sincerity.


• I just have to say goodnight to my beloved angel, you have been this great to me and I will always be yours for the rest of my life.


• You are the wonder of my life, you are the cave that housed my pain by the leave of God. I wish you all the best.


• This night is a blossom night, a night of rain, a night of sunshine, a night of happiness, joy, and blessed love.


• You are always on my mind just like the valley is always there for the snow to find comfort. I love you.


• You have been so close to my heart all this while, you have been so calm, nice, and lovely, I will always be with you for the rest of my life.


Goodnight! This message is to give you good night wishes and hope that the moon will be bright, the stars will shine, and it will be a perfect night for you. Hope tonight there are no worries on your mind and you can enjoy this fabulous night. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Good night my love; your dreams are my world. I hope this day will succeed all of your expectations. Sweet dreams!

Every time I open my eyes on a new day, I feel so grateful that I have you in my life. You are my soulmate and my best friend. On your birthday, I want to wish you all the happiness in the world!


• You are the most interesting person in my life, you are the one I cherish the most because your light will continue to shine in my life.


• When the night comes, it brings love, joy, happiness, and above all the most wonderful things in this world. I love you so much.


• I am so glad because it is for sure that I will see you tonight by His grace. I just want to see your beautiful smile after many years.


• You gave me a reason to smile, you are the only love that can persuade me to smile no matter how angry I could be.


• I wish you are here to give me comfort, relaxation, joy, and the most beautiful angel in my life. I love you so much.


• You are my paradise, I hope you enjoy the fragrance of my passion for you tonight. Have the best sleep ever.


• The love of God shall reach you, the Lord shall continue to bless you in everything you do. I wish you all the best.


• Many have been so nice to me but the way you treat me is quite lovely. I will always be your angel with the broadest wing to take you high.


• The Lord will bless you abundantly and purify your heart this night. Goodnight, we shall see tomorrow.


• Loving you is one of the most beloved things that has ever occurred to me. I wish you all the best in this world.


• No matter what you do, some people will not appreciate you but in your own case, I am still amazed by the skill of gratefulness you possess.


• The most beautiful things in this world are to have that precious angel who when you remember at night makes you smile.


• The night is cold and the only way through which I can stay warm is to have you around me. I wish you are here my dear wife.


• Do you know that this night will not be superb enough until I hear your beautiful voice? Your late-night voice is the most beautiful music ever.


• Hello my beautiful flower, you are so beautiful that my eyes cannot even see your face due to the excess light on it.


• The warmth of your touch, the coolness of your look, and that precious smile that emanates from you is the best ever.


• I am so glad you have been so nice to me, I wish you will always be there for me. I will always be with you all my life.


• You came into my life when I needed you the most. You gave me the part of your love that gives me that joy that makes me happy the most.


• You are the freshest lady in town, the best in speech and beauty among the millions of ladies in the world.


• The world makes me smile, the day I set my eyes on you, everything I ever wanted in you makes me smile.


• There is no reason why I should ever forget you in this world. You are the most beautiful flower in my life.


• Whatever it takes to make you happy will be the exact thing that I will love doing. I just want to be there for you.


• My work on this earth is to be where you are so that I will become your flower garden. I love you.


• The moment I realize it is almost night, I will try my best to ensure I see your beautiful face for the rest of my life.


• You gave me a reason to smile, you put a smile on my face and brought your light to my life which makes me happy all the time.


• I will never forget you for the rest of my life. I will be there for you all the time and pray you find joy in anything you are doing.


• Can you see the fragrance falling from the cloud of light this night? They are the saffron of the love I have for you.


• Whenever you smile at me, I see the most beautiful paradise on earth. you are my life and with you, I cheer all the time.


• I will actually miss you, I will miss that precious smile, I will miss that lovely touch, that angelic voice will be missed for a while.


• I pray we meet in the day. Though you will be sleeping right beside me, I can’t even wait to see you tomorrow.


• Thank God for everything you have made easy in my life since the day you came into my world. I want to say goodnight.


• Goodnight my saffron of beauty, I am so happy to be with you, and I am so happy because you are part of my life.


• Good to have met you in a world that is hard to enjoy but easy to destroy. You made the world seems livable for me. I can’t do without you in my life.


• Goodnight my happiness, if you are cut off from me, I am sure the world will become a mighty prison to me.


• Your eyes are the treasure I have. They are the only fortune I love to cherish the most, they are the only gift I can spend my last fortune upon.


• I hate to see your face full of sorrow, that state of yours bites me from the bottom of my heart. I can’t even take it for a minute.


• You have been so lovely, and I wish you understand this part of me that will never be tired of loving you.


• Every night would take us to a new day tomorrow, may your soul be refreshed and your body rejuvenated to see another day, good night.


• You are so beautiful, wishing you a lovely night just as you are, good night.


• Good night my star, good night my moon, may the sunshine upon our faces tomorrow.


• The joy of meeting you tomorrow blossoms in my heart as I lay to sleep this night, good night, wishing you God’s mercy.


• Just to let you know before you sleep that you are the most beautiful soul I have ever seen, good night, may your night be full of sweet dreams.


• Like a beautiful flower you catch my eyes, like the moon, your love shines brightly in my heart, I’m nothing without you, I pray to be with you tomorrow, good night my angel.


• My life is so beautiful because I found you; I wish I would live with you forever, good night sweetheart.


• I love the sonorous sound of your voice, I love to look deep into your loquacious eyes, and your smile melts my heart, good night my sweet love, see your beautiful face again tomorrow morning.


• May the moonlight of this night cast beauty and coolness to your soul, may all the sorrows in your heart vanish, may you wake up tomorrow morning looking fresh and beautiful, good night my paradise.


• Just as the Lord has given us this night, we are found together in a new day tomorrow, rest your soul in the care of my Lord, good night, my sweetie.


• May you rise and shine like the morning sun tomorrow, wishing you a wonderful night full of God’s glory, good night my Sugar.


• I can’t imagine a world without you, I would always love you because you are special to my heart, good night my sweet baby.


• Good night! Goodnight!! To the best wife in the world, my soul would be with you in dreamland, I love you more every day.


• Kiss me, hold me tight, and tell me you love me once more time before you close your eyes, good night, my heaven.


• Good night my love, having a cheerful night, may your love always blossom in my heart as ever, and mine in your heart too.


• You are the kind of woman every man would pray to have forever, I’m so blessed with you, and good night’s heartbeat.


• Every single day I spent with you is memorable, I wish I would never have to spend a day without you, good night my angel heart.


• Loving you is the only thing that makes me happier; I would keep your love forever in my heart, good night my joy.


• When I think of you, I could help but imagine how paradise looks like, I can see heaven through your eyes and your heart, thank you for being such an amazing wife, good night love.


• The only prayer in my heart now, is to be with you tomorrow morning, good night sweet dream.


• Just as you rest your head to sleep, may your soul and body be refreshed, good night my angel eyes.


• Staying with you is the most beautiful decision I have ever made in my life, everything is beautiful and new again each time that you hold my hand, good night.


Explore most of our text messages. We have gathered them throughout the day and night for you to reach out to that special person in your life. Feel free and text these messages to them.


I just wanted to say hello to you before I go to sleep. Don’t you ever feel too tired to share your feelings? I mean, my love for you is forever fresh. Even when I am back from the office or when I have just woken up, I will always want to say ‘hi’ to you in the morning. You are the best man in my life, and only you deserve all my attention.

Goodnight, my dear. You have filled my life with so much love. Good night darling!

Good night is the best way to end a day. May your dreams and wishes be filled with pleasant surprises. Good night!

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