Good Morning Prayer for My Boyfriend 2021

If you’re in love with your boyfriend, then I’m sure you want to start his day with a prayer first and foremost. Good morning prayer for my boyfriend is the best way to wish him a good morning time. Before sunrise, before they get out of their bed, shower, and start taking their breakfast and having their breakfast routine. Show them that you care by saying good morning prayer for my boyfriend.


Good Morning Prayer for My Boyfriend


1. Good morning my boyfriend, It’s just another ordinary day, But I want to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. I wish I could freeze this moment in time with you forever. My life would be perfect with you by my side every morning.


2. I pray for love to guide us and grace to sustain us during this wonderful relationship we share. I also pray for joy, happiness, peace, prosperity, and many blessings to surround us both. Fill our hearts and home with your spirit so that we may be glowing examples of your love to everyone around us. Morning and every morning until the day you return to us. Give my best friend a kiss for me!


3. Please bless my boyfriend with love, joy, happiness, and many years to come. Please bless our relationship so that we may have a long-lasting everlasting love together. Please help us to be successful in life and work hard towards our goals. Please keep us safe so that nothing can harm us. We thank you for your blessings upon us, amen!


4. Every morning when I wake up, I pray that you will be in my arms or at least in my thoughts. You are my heart, and I need you to stay safe. Please be careful today and every day you are out there. I want nothing more than for the sun to come up with you beside me. I love you so much; please know that with every breath that I take.


5. Good morning my love. I hope you had a good night’s sleep and that you have bright, wonderful dreams throughout your day. I love you so much, and it is impossible for me to spend a morning without thinking of how lucky I am to have your love. I will never take one day with you for granted, and when this day is gone, I will miss you terribly. I hope you have an amazing morning (and my favorite smile) while thinking of me!


6. God, Grab me a coffee and help me be more like my boyfriend. Give me the strength to get me through this tedious Monday. I love you, sweetheart, so much!


7. Good morning, my love. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, you are always on my mind. There is nothing in the world that could take your place. You are my soul mate, and I just want to be with you always.


8. Good morning my awesome boyfriend! I want to pray that God will continue to protect and keep you safe as you navigate through life. I want to pray that God will protect you in all your work so you can still provide for us and be the best Father that Carter can have. But most of all, I pray that God will give me the strength and courage that today may bring. I love you so much, my sweet boyfriend! Love always, your special girlfriend.


9. God, I pray for each day that you will bless my boyfriend. Keep him at peace and let him have the strength he needs to face his day. I pray that your spirit will guide him and give him unwavering support and that your grace will be his comfort in troubled situations.


10. I wake up every day thinking about you. You are my life, my love, and my world. I hope you always know that I would do anything for you. My heart feels so full when I look at your beautiful face. Good morning my love!


11. I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing, but wherever you are, I hope your morning is going well. Perhaps you are in traffic right now? Maybe sitting in a cubicle at work? Waiting for the bus? Well, wherever it is, I just want to let you know that I am sending all my love and my thoughts your way. When I woke up this morning, I missed seeing your handsome face next to mine. 


12. I know you love to sleep, and it’s hard for you to get up in the morning, but if I didn’t say “Good Morning” each and every time I called you…You’d think I hadn’t missed you while we were apart when I say, good morning, baby.


13. Good morning my love. Every morning I pray that God blesses our day with his perfect plan for us. One day we’ll meet again in heaven and be together forever. Until then, I send you all the blessings I can think of, good health, happiness & love!


14. May the sun shine bright in your heart and warm your soul with its goodness of love. May you wake up to a day of surprises, smiles, joy, and happiness. May you have the strength to conquer all challenges that cross your path from this day forward. And May you feel my arms around you forever as I whisper how much I love you.


15. My dear love, as I awaken each morning, I think of you. I pray that God will give me the strength and that I have the hope to make it through another day. May each moment bring us closer together. When there is darkness in my soul, may your love shine like the light at the end of a tunnel?


16. Good morning baby! Thank you for all the support! You are the best boyfriend ever! Love you always!


17. I pray every night for us to stay together, and I pray every morning that you are ok. My life would be horrible without you in it, and I thank God that I have found you. You are my last thought of the day, and your face is one of the first things I see when I wake up. Now that we are so far apart, it means even more to me how deeply I am in love with you.


18. I hope you have a great day today, my love. I want to wish you good morning and Sunday. I love you so much. May God bless and guide us both through every year we have together. Good morning. I love you.


19. When I first met you, I knew I was in love with you. How could I not be? You have an amazing personality, eyes that sparkle, and a smile that lights up my whole world. I tell everyone about you and brag about the wonderful man I have found. The way your arms hold me close makes me melt, and I can’t resist a kiss from those lips of yours; they are like a drug that makes me lose all control. You are my boyfriend, and I love you.


20. Good morning my love; I pray that you’ll make it a productive and exciting day today. Without you, my life is incomplete, and it feels like a piece of myself is missing. I love you; my heart beats for you!


21. Today my love, feel the sun on your skin, embrace the rays of light shining in. Feel the breeze on your cheek and embrace the soft caress as it washes over you. Open your eyes and look at me, and know that I love you. This day is all ours; let’s share our time together and learn to be happy more than we’ve ever been before.


22. Good morning my love! How I long to be in your arms right now. I am thinking about you and hope your day is amazing! Please take a moment to think of me before you start your day. Begin it with a prayer of love for me! I love you always.


23. Divine God, thank you for my beautiful boyfriend, thank you for the wonderful days we spend together! Help him to live with joy and to come in the right way! Thank you for the relations between us; they are full of tenderness and mutual support. Give blessing to our sincere love, which doesn’t have neither obstacles nor lies! Help us to be worthy of Your mercy. Let everything takes place according to Your will so we could enjoy our life in peace and harmony! Amen


24. Good morning, my love! Today is a brand new day, and I want to start it with a prayer. Thank you, Lord, for this man and the wonderful relationship we have. Thank you for giving us the strength to make it through each day. Bless him and keep him safe today and always. Keep us close in your heart and safe from evil. Bless our love and watch over us with joy in your eyes.


25. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. Thank you for my sweet boyfriend, who is my most favorite person in the world. Please help us stay close and in love with each other, even when we are apart. Please help guide us to better ways of loving each other and ourselves. Let us listen more and talk less about our little spats. Let us try harder to forgive quickly.


Good Morning Prayer for My Boyfriend 


26. Lord, bless my boyfriend with health, love, and happiness. I pray that you will protect and watch over him.


27. I just want you to know that I love you more than you could ever comprehend. Every night I pray that angels surround you as you sleep, protecting you from the evil that may try to do you harm. I pray that God keeps his loving hands on you and that he may bless and protect you always. While I’m at work, I send prayers out to you for safety, blessing, and protection from the evils of this world. I only hope one day my love will bear fruit.


28. When the morning sunlight shines through my window and warms my skin, I feel your presence beside me. The warmth of the sun acting as a reminder that it’s because you’re lying here next to me that I have such peace.


29. Hello handsome, Good morning. Before I begin today’s prayer, I want to ask you something. Do you think all of those little things we do for each other are important? You bring me coffee, you call to say goodnight every night, and you just have this habit of making me feel like the best thing in your life. I know we have had our share of problems, but my love is stronger than anything time could ever do to it. When we first met, I was so nervous.


30. Good morning my love! I was up early and thinking about you. I hope the day brings you exciting experiences. May they lift you up, and above all else, may your soul shine bright. With this prayer, I send you all my love and light!”

31. I thank you, God, for my eyes that they could see, my ears that they could hear, my heart that could love. I thank you for hugging me each and every day, no matter what I say or do. I thank you for my boyfriend, who is a man of his word, funny, sweet, generous, and caring. God, bless him and keep him safe that he will never depart from your sight and carry the burden of avoiding sin.


32. Wake up each morning and know my heart is full of you. When I see your face, I feel butterflies in my stomach. Our love is a blessing created by God. Baby, please know that I love you more than words could ever express.


33. Good morning my love; I hope you’re doing well. I prayed for you today that God’s favor would cover you today in every way. May your day be filled with good health, great friends, and always a smile on your face.


34. Good morning; I hope you are feeling better today. I feel so lucky that you are in my life. Your warm hugs are what keep me going each day. In your arms, I feel safe and protected. In your eyes, I see only love and compassion. You are the man of my dreams, and I don’t know what I would do without you.


35. God, please give my boyfriend a good day at work. Please protect him from any danger and keep him healthy. Also, please let everyone like him and treat him kindly. Thank you, God. Amen.


36. Good morning to the man of my dreams. I love you so much. And I pray that God will help us last as long as possible.

37. I pray that you know how much I love you and will always keep you in my heart. I pray that the wonders of your love will abrade away all the rough edges of my life, leaving me smooth and polished like a river stone in your hand. I pray that my love for you will be pure and unselfish, making me worthy to bask in your presence. My love for you grows stronger every day because there is no way I can express its fullness.


38. I love you beyond measure, and I always have. Each morning I wake up beside you, I’m reminded that you are in every breath I take. You are truly the best thing to ever happen to me, and I thank God for the day we found each other. May our love never fade!


39. Good morning baby! I just wanted you to know that I think you are the most amazing guy, and I love being with every person of yours every day. You are handsome, kind, and full of life. Thank you for staying in my life. I will always love you!


40. I pray that you will fall back in love with me. I pray that we come back together stronger than before. I pray that you open your eyes and see how much I want to be with you forever. I pray that we can make it through this time of adversity. I love you with all my heart!


41. I want to wake up to your arms around me every morning and feel your warm lips on mine. I want to fall asleep while you hold me in your arms and enjoy all the moments in between. I love you so much that it hurts sometimes, but it’s a good hurt and one I never want to stop feeling.


42. God, thank you for creating my boyfriend. He means so much to me. Help me make him feel loved and appreciated today. I pray that he will feel your love surrounding him all day today. Thank you for bringing him into my life, for blessing us every day through him. I pray that my love for my sweetheart will continue to grow stronger each day until we’re together again in heaven. I love you!


43. I was thinking of you this morning as the sun rose, and I wanted to let you know how much you mean to me. I always pray for your safety as you go through your day and also that all your heart’s desires come true. You are one of my greatest desires, and it brings me so much pleasure to be with someone who loves God as much as myself.


44. I am sending this prayer to you today for one reason and only: to express my love to you. In every possible way, I love you today. I pray that every morning you wake to feel refreshed, excited, and happy. This is because I want you to know that you can trust me with your thoughts and actions to confide in me when you need help and feel lost.


45. Good morning my love. It’s 5:30 am, and I’m wide awake thinking of you. I hope you’re having a wonderful morning. I know I am; when I think of how my life would be without you, I can’t believe that my friends were right about you! I know. I didn’t believe them bcoz I was scared. I’m deeply in love with w/u. when I think of you all day long and every single night before bed, it never fails to that you are mine.


46. Good morning baby your my everything. I love you. My life is amazing because of you. I cherish every moment of my life with you. Every day is filled with surprises and joy. Thank you for being so much in love with me!!! I never knew I could feel this happy!!


47. God our Father, you have given me a wonderful boyfriend; thank you for allowing him to be in my life! I pray that he is blessed today and that his entire day is filled with fun. Let him have a feel-good attitude and let him know that I am thinking of him! amen!


48. I took a moment to pray for you today, and I’ll take one every day as a reminder of how much I love you. Prayer is my way of keeping those I love close to my heart. And think about no matter how far away you are, if you’re in my heart, then you’re never too far away.


49. Dear God, please let me wake up this morning and be able to smell, taste, feel and see my boyfriend. Let me stop and think of him first thing when I get up. May he be the first person I think of before I fall asleep tonight. My prayer is for him to wrap his arms around me before I open my eyes in the morning and be the last person I see when I fall asleep at night. May he always be in my dreams!


50. This morning, as I open my eyes, I start my day with thoughts of you. My heart is filled with overwhelming love and joy for this man who has captured my soul, body, mind, and heart all at once. And for that, I am grateful today and always.


51. I want to express my love for you this morning. It’s the little things you do that show me your love. Every morning I wake up to a text from you wishing me good morning; every night, as I lay down, I look at your picture, which shines like a diamond and reminds me of how much I really do love you! You are my oasis in the storm; you are the one that washed my heart clean and healed my soul. You are the most amazing man ever and

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