Best Funny but Nice Birthday Messages for Him/Her 2021

Best Funny but Nice Birthday Messages for Him/Her 2021



Best Funny but Nice Birthday Messages for Him/Her 2021



Birthdays should be fun, happy events where you spend time with your friends and family and wish each other well. But sometimes it can be tricky coming up with the right birthday wishes for someone who’s important to you. That’s why it’s always good to have a few funny but nice birthday messages ready to go. They’re a good way to break the ice, and they’ll help you connect with the birthday boy or girl in a more meaningful way.

Do you know what are the best funny but nice birthday messages for him/her 2021? We’ve already discussed Funny Birthday Wishes, Nice Birthday Messages for Him/Her but we will discuss Birthday Messages for Him/Her that are funny but nice.


We have these messages in stock for you; they are meant to aid in texting beautiful words to those who really matter during birthday celebrations. You can also read Best Happy Happy Birthday Messages 2021.


• Greetings from the bottom of our hearts to a gorgeous friend who is celebrating her birthday. We wish you a perfect increment in health and wealth.


• May your new age perfect your expectations in life; may your success continue to roar all over the world.


• You shall not regret every bit of your day, as you make it into another year, your home will be engulfed with success.


• success that doesn’t end shall visit your home soon. It shall be well with you very soon. We wish you more fortune today.


• Just as you are celebrating your birthday, we pray that the date fix for your wedding will not fail you. Happy birthday.


• Congratulations on your birthday. May your heart feel a genuine joy; happiness will not pass you by. Happy birthday.


• Today marks the beginning of another success in your life, keep moving forward, the Lord shall make your back.


• The Lord shall make your secret opaque to the world, and you shall not be put to shame in what you do.


• Every living soul shall celebrate your success in no time. You will be proud of yourself in the nearest future. Happy birthday.


• This birthday is a sign of a life spent in good health and wonderful condition. We hope for a better day ahead.


• Dearest angel, congratulations to the most gorgeous flower in my heart. I pray this day marks the beginning of success in your life.


• Every blessed birthday marks the beginning of good life; we hope that your home experience fortune upon fortune.


• You are so special and this is the reason why I am pleased to say, “Congratulations on your birthday”.


• Your eyes are the perfect example of true love. May your new age bring you endless happiness; happy birthday.


• You shall be blessed all your life, you shall enjoy every bit of your day as a wonderful sister. Those are my prayers for you.


• This day is yours. Kindly enjoy your birthday. You deserve the best on this special day in your life. I am wishing more success to come.


• It is not easy to find a man more enduring and understanding. I will always hold you tight in my heart. Happy birthday.


• Thank God for sparing the life of the man I love up till this moment. You’re special, may your new age bring more unique achieve to you.


• You have a heart that is kind. Your influence is precious and life-changing. Congratulations on your 40th birthday.


• If there is anyone that has ever been able to touch my heart in a special way, you are the only woman that has done so. Happy birthday.


Funny Birthday Messages for Boyfriend


• There is joy after hardship, may the Lord bless you for every effort made toward success. Happy birthday.


• The Lord will continue to raise your height in every aspect of this life. You shall be protected in every situation.


• Glory is to the Lord that made this day a reality for you. Happy birthday to the most amazing mother in the world.


• We wish you age with grace, may you be uplifted this year to find a reason to praise the Lord. Happy birthday.


• Today marks the beginning of success in your life; we pray for your continuous upgrading in life.


• Thank God for every aspect of your life; the Lord has taken good care of your burdens in life. Happy birthday.


• No matter how a problem could be; you shall overcome each one of them easily; happy birthday to you.


• Thanks to the freshest angel in town, your success will have no limit and you shall be blessed abundantly.


• I wish to thank you for your kind gesture towards me. May the Lord fill your heart with perfect joy. Happy birthday.


• I just want to wish you the best of luck, may you continue to enjoy this day in peace and harmony. Happy birthday.


• Your face is bright today, congratulation for the reason that makes you smile. I wish you all the best on your birthday.


• You are the most beloved person in my life; you took care of me as a father and sent me to school to become an important person. Happy birthday.


• I am wishing you the most precious birthday of the year. I pray that people and companies shall employ you for a good job.


• Good job, less stress shall be your portion from now on. You shall overcome your life problems, and success shall be your end.


• We are happy to send this warm birthday message to you. We pray for complete success in your life. Happy birthday.


• Thanks for everything that connects us together. You have always been a very special person, may you find peace and harmony in anything you do.


• You make me smile, you are so sweet and wish you all the best. You make me smile all the time. Happy birthday.


• You are the happiest person today; we have to appreciate God for sparing your life. We hope you will enjoy the day in ecstasy.


• We are sending you this message in pleasure, love, admiration and care. We wish you long life and prosperity.


• Thank God for everything, may you find the peace that brings joy to the heart. I pray for complete success for you.


• Thanks for being a precious person; you are all I have in my life. You are the best in this world. I wish you all the best.


• May you find that purpose that will make you excel in everything you are doing; you shall be blessed with everything.


• You are so special, you are blessed and I have always wanted to be with you all my life. Happy birthday.


• Happy birthday my love, I wish you many more years in life. Your heart shall find rest, your home will be lighted up in joy.

• Congratulations, may you find that comfort you have been aiming for; you shall be set free of all pain in life.


• I want to celebrate you for all you have become in life. Thanks for being a good person. The Lord shall not forget you.


• I want to use this moment to thank God for sparing your life up till this moment we are celebrating.


• Happy birthday to my darling angel, you mean a lot to me, and I shall be happy with you all the time.


• This day is special in your life; I am happy to celebrate with you because you are an outstanding companion. Happy birthday.


• Wishing you a happy birthday, may you continue to enjoy this special day. We hope for a wonderful day ahead.


• May your heart find endless peace that befits you; may your eyes shine in a joyful light. Happy birthday.


• As you a year older today, I pray that your life would continue to experience sunshine, happy birthday to you.


• You are as beautiful as today, wishing you long life, happiness and prosperity, happy birthday.


• Today is a day to celebrate you more than I always do because you a so special to my heart, happy birthday to a wonderful soul mate.


• When I think of you, I think of that special person that has touched my heart in a beautiful way, happy birthday to you, wishing more beautiful years ahead.


• You always look beautiful but today you are more beautiful than before, smile and be happy, today is your wonderful day, happy birthday.


• I hope today would bring you lots of happiness, love and cheer, happy birthday, wishing you all the best that life could bring.


• You are the best; you deserve the best celebration of your lovely day today, shine and smile, happy birthday to you.


• You have brought so much sunshine to our heart, may you live a beautiful and memorable life all through your stay in this world, happy birthday to a cheerful friend.


• You have always been an amazing friend, you dear to our heart, happy birthday to a wonderful friend.


• As shining and brightly as this birthday light, I pray that your life would be brighter as long as you live, happy birthday to you.


• Here is a happy birthday to the most awesome person I have ever met, happy birthday, wishing you all the best in your life.


• Where ever you may go, and whatever you may do, I always wish you all the best in life, happy birthday to a dear friend like you.


• May this lovely day bring you everlasting joy, happy birthday!


• Always know that you would be in our mind and in prayers, we happily celebrate you today, happy birthday, may your heart be filled with endless joy.


• You are special that is why today is colourful and beautiful, happy birthday to the most adorable woman in the world.


• Without you we would not be celebrating today, your love is warm in our heart, happy birthday!


• I wish you love and endless joy as you clock one more year today, may the years ahead bring you a good time, happy birthday!


• May the years to come be excited and happy as you feel today, happy birthday and wishing all the best that life can bring.


• Everything about you is cute and beautiful, may you live a memorable all through your life, happy birthday!


• Let’s celebrate your day in grand style, you would always be the joy of our heart, we wish you well as you clock another year today, happy birthday to you.


• Here is for you a bright and splendid future, happy birthday.


• Shine with glamour, let her heart be filled with joy, you would always be loved in our heart, happy birthday to such an amazing fellow like you.


• I have been waiting for such an amazing day like this when we would celebrate you. Relax and enjoy your day, wishing you a memorable day, and beautiful years ahead, happy birthday to you.


• A wonderful person like you deserves all the happiness in this world, smile and let’s light the candlelight today, happy birthday!


Funny Facebook Birthday Messages for Girlfriend


• You would always be lovely in our heart because you are special, happy birthday, let blow the candlelight together.


• I wish to take you everywhere you want to be today. I have decided to be off work today to give us ample time to celebrate with you. Happy birthday my dearest; you are always beautiful, wishing you long life and prosperity.


• You shine like the moon and glitters like the star, happy birthday to the most lovely woman in the world, may your heart be filled with everlasting joy.


• As we count another year for you today, wishing more wisdom, love and wonderful years to come, happy birthday.


• Just as you have spread joy and happiness to many hearts, may it be returned in many folds to you, happy birthday to a wonderful heart like you.


• May your heart be filled with love and warmness on this special day and forever, the smile you are a beautiful, happy birthday.


• As add another year today, may the years ahead bring you lots of wonderful things, happy birthday with lots of love.


• Thank God for another year added for you, you would always be wonderful in my heart, happy birthday to a lovely heart.


• You are such an amazing and joyful person, wishing that your dreams come true, happy birthday!


• May your beautiful wishes are stamped by God almighty, more wisdom, happiness and success for you, happy birthday.


• Happy birthday, enjoy your life with a heart filled with happiness, you are awesome!


• You are as bright as the mightier star in the night, good to have to celebrate your day with you today, happy birthday best friend.


• You just have been sweeter today cause I want to see you in the best happy mood ever, I have always told you this ‘you an angel’, happy birthday to you.


• Keep looking as bright and beautiful as ever, I’m happy to be part of your happiness today, happy birthday!


• I’m sending beautiful wishes your way this lovely day, happy birthday, wishing you many happy returns.


• You have clocked another glorious year today, you would always have my beautiful prayers for you, happy birthday.


• Happy birthday! Wishing you a wonderful moment.


• I would forever cherish and wish you well, you are so cute and lovely, happy birthday to you, wishing you all the best in your life.


• With cheerful heart and faces beam with a beautiful smile, we heartily wish you a happy birthday; you are the shining star of our heart.


• Words can express the joy in my heart to be celebrating your birthday today, you make everything around you beautiful happy birthday!


• Today I wish you long life, happiness and prosperity, happy birthday my special heart.


• You are the most beautiful woman in the world no doubt; life has never been so wonderful until I found you, happy birthday my beauty.


• You are the wrapping sheet of the beautiful love in my heart, you just look astonishing and perfect every day, happy birthday my darling.


• A thunderous happy birthday to a beautiful heart today, may your heart be filled with overflowing joy, be cute as ever, your best life is yet to come.


• Millions of heartfelt happy birthday greetings from me to you today, keep your beautiful dreams alive, wishing you many glorious years ahead.


• I may be miles away from you today, but your beautiful memories form a warmly thought in my heart. And today is your happy, happy birthday to the most beautiful wife in the world, wishing God’s love and protection.


• To the best friend that I have had, a toast to another wonderful year for you, happy birthday my jolly friend, relax and enjoy your day.


• I may not be there with you to celebrate this lovely day with you, but I would always keep you close to my heart, happy birthday to you.


• Smile as you open your lovely eyes this morning, today is just another day, it is beautiful for you, as we join you to celebrate your day, I’m wishing you a heartily happy birthday, may your joy last forever.


We have written the best birthday messages you can explore and text to those that really matter. Feel free to use our text messages for your work. We are proud of those who reference our previous works.

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