Free Short Love Quotes for Him/Her 2021

Free Short Love Quotes for Him/Her 2021


Free Short Love Quotes for Him/Her 2021



Love is one of the most powerful emotion in life. It can take your entire happiness to another level and no feeling will make you feel as great when in love. But how do you know if someone loves you? When a loved one tells you, it probably means a lot and it could be hard to find words to express it back. Our search for the best words to describe our feelings for someone we have loved has led us against so many walls that we have broken into pieces or disappeared into nothingness. That’s why; we came up with this article comprising of free short love quotes for him/her.


We have brought these wishes messages to you to serve as a means for reaching out to your loved ones. They are well written for your benefit. You can always explore our website for the best of messages ever.


We all want to say these ‘love quotes’ to our lover or special person when feeling in love or heartbroken that why these are special short love quotes. So enjoy with your lover with these best short love quotes for him/her here.


Free Short Love Quotes for Him


• Today is a big day in your life, congratulations on that. Happiness and blessing shall remain with you all the time.


• I am using this moment to thank God for bringing this day of your life into reality. I beseech the Lord to continue to grant you more success.


• Wishing you the best for the rest of your life. As you graduated today, may the achievement profit you in the labour market.


• Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, we are so much proud of you for being a great friend and mentor. I wish you the best today.


• Every wish comes with an intention, I am wishing you good luck and sound health and wealth for the entire year ahead.


• May the innermost prayers of yours gets to the Lord for quick approval. Smile and enjoy the rest of the day in greatness.


• I just want to wish you a happy birthday and to put an endless smile on your face for being there always.


• May the Lord protect your ways of living and increase your success in life. I wish you the best of lucks.


• The most merciful God shall continue to promote you in every aspect of your life, grant you endless success with the most beautiful things in the world.


• Smile and enjoy this day in great abundance, may you find peace and harmony in this precious moment of your life.


• Just want to say good morning and to wish you many successful years ahead. Have a gracious day.


• May your new age profit you better than you think the Lord shall continue to enhance your livelihood in a unique way.


• Success shall reach you in every corner of life, you will be blessed with great opportunities and achievable chances.


• Wishing you a potential life is my pleasure, it gives me a kind of satisfaction hard to get from anyone.


• You are welcome in my life because your presence is one of the most beautiful experiences in this lifetime.


• I don’t know why I keep thinking about you but with the passionate feelings I have for you, I am wishing you a promoted success.


• Being around you is one of the most important things in life, I want to rest on your shoulders when I’m in need of love. I wish you goodies today.


Trends for Marriage Greetings and Wishes


• As you are now a woman, with a husband, my wishes for you are countless but may the Lord bless your womb and grant you, good family.


• It is my favourite wish to see you feel good about yourself, I am praying for all the best for you and hope you find peace and harmony in all you do.


• May the blessing of God reign forever in your home. Wishing you an endless year of a smile on your precious face.


• Congratulations on your wedding day may you continue to enjoy your days with your husband. I wish you the best of precious days.


• When life brings two people together, it is better known as a marriage, I am really proud of the fact that you are both uniting as one.


• Wishes are good especially when it comes from someone sincere enough to do so, I am wishing you an awesome married life.


• The Lord in His infinite mercy shall continue to protect and guide your every step, He shall be to grant you more than you deserve.


• For those with lovely heart, we are happy to celebrate you today, we hope you find that smile that keeps the heart warm.


• You have been so good to me and this is an awesome opportunity to wish you a perfect marriage life. May you continue to enjoy this bliss forever.


• I am so happy and want to wish you a happy married life that will continue to be a great impact on your entire life.


• It is a great privilege to be a wonderful person, your success continues to rise in all aspects of your life. Good morning.


• The very moment I set my eyes on both of you, I realized the potential in you, and today, it has been achieved. Happy married life.


Trends for Birthday Greetings and Wishes


• Celebrating a special person warrants a good heart thinking good of the other, the Lord has chosen me to celebrate you today. Happy birthday, dear.


• We are proud of you and that’s exactly what makes us blend together better, congrats on your birthday.


• This is the 30th birthday, a 5 years success after the silver jubilee. The day is bright, we hope for a brighter year for you.


• Birthday is a reminder of how long we have spent our days on earth and still gives us happiness that we lived up till this moment.


• My sincere greeting is for you, and I want to be there for you all the time. I pray you continue to succeed in your life journey.


• Congratulations to my beloved wife, eternal success shall be yours forever, there will be no course for you to regret in life. Happy birthday.


• I’m as much as there is sincerity, there will be true friends that are willing to celebrate each other forever.


• To stay alive is a blessing and another opportunity to amend our ways. As you count up another day in your life, may you find your way out of all distress?


• There is a closeness that connects two people, that bond that keeps them strong all the time. Good morning and have a wonderful birthday.


• You are always the best wife in the world, you are a perfect example of the most beautiful pearl in the universe.


• I just wish you a pleasurable birthday and an awesome day to celebrate yourself to the fullest. May your success continue to grow in life.


Greetings Trend for the Day


• How much more will a person talk about a world full of love? I can’t see a negative world around me. I just want to say good morning.


• Good evening dear, it has been a while we see, and my heart will always beat for you. I love you to the moon and back.


• It is a privilege that I met an angel in life. I swear, getting close to someone like you is impossible. I wish you a successful life ahead.


• May you find the endless peace that will channel happiness to your life. I really appreciate the kind of love you share with me.


• Greet your friends and family and enjoy a blessed life. Ignore your friends and family and live a lonely life.


• When you greet people, they respond in great conditions. You become the superhero of that day.


• Greetings work like magic put a smile on people’s faces and ease an already saddened heart. I greet you all.


• It is a good habit for someone to extend gratitude and good gestures to people because it creates a connection between them.


• As a man or a woman, asking after your family and friends is a great move to instil unity in such relationships.


• No matter how busy you are, never forget to say hello to your loved ones. Everyone deserves your love in life.


• When a person cares, he asks after the other person, I care and that’s why I have to care much about you.


• Good to have you around this world, I really appreciate your presence because, when we hold hands, we have held the best hearts together.


• Extending relationships means extending sincere greetings between the two parties. A successful life has to do with the exchange of good greetings.


• Always smile at people and greet them with a stunning smile on your face. This gesture alone will brighten up their days.

The Trend for Marriage Anniversary


• Marriage is a blessing that can’t be managed except by the will of God. Call on God for a successful married life.


• He who has found a wife has found something good, hold on to her, praise and cherish her with all your heart.


• A successful marriage has to do with great patience from both sides, we are together with great smiles on our faces.


• Understanding is one of the most important things in a marriage, now that you are plus two in your marriage life exercise more patients with each other.


• The level in life is not always easy to attain, as a successful person, you need to learn further on how to keep your home safer and more peaceful.


• The pleasure in married life is not easy, if you have a day like this it means you have overcome the power of temptation.


• Married life is a great examination centre, you have to tie your best to pass your exams. Happy married life.


• It takes sincerity to stay in love, a joy to be promoted in anything you are doing. A successful marriage is connected to a blessed reason.


• Don’t forget that the both of you have been strong together since these years, that’s why you are able to make it today.


• You have been so nice, and my heart will continue to be with both of you as my children. Always remember that patience is key to success.


• A successful marriage is built upon truth and sincerity. When you are truly your partner will emulate you.


• The best people in this world are those with joy in their hearts. They tolerate a lot and live in peace with everyone.


The Trend for Graduation Greetings


• Having a successful life after school is determined by the kind of effort you put in today. A successful life after school has to do with your current life.


• Being a graduate is not the issue of staying as a graduate and moving up in life is the best. Congratulations.


• Do not panic, your course of study is very lucrative and less competitive. You have a bright future lying before you.


• Enjoy this day in great pleasure, you have endured several years of study. This is just the beginning of life, play it safe.


• An ample of appreciation can build lifetime morale for many successful deals in life. I am wishing you a successful life after school.


• The problem with some graduates is that they can’t find a job, they are meant to create a job. Congrats dear.


• After school life is not as easy as we think but you can improve it by never giving up on your potential.


• Your Dreams can always come to pass, your dreams are reliable, so keep working on them, keep pushing forward until you achieve great success with it.


• Every successful graduate paid the price, you have just crossed one bridge in life, continue to strive, don’t give up at all.


• No matter what it takes to be the best you can, just try it out. There is a huge percentage of chances that you will be the best.


• Successful life is the one that has stumbled into many failures and yet didn’t give up. A successful life is a life lived in pain and endurance.


• It is a coward that gives up after school just because of an attempt that failed you. I urge you to stand up from now on and do the rightful things.


• Step up on your feet, pick your axe and hoe, head to the farm and invest in your life. Success is achievable through hard work.


• The real vegetable weakness is not found in all vegetables, it is found in a lazy graduate who cannot think out a solution for a better life.


• If you have the opportunity to build an empire, what kind of empire will it be? As a graduate, you must build the best employment system in the world.


Trends for a Newborn Baby Greetings


• I have just seen a creature with a bright future, an angel with a stunning smile, and a treasure of my heart. Congratulations dear wife.


• Celebrating those with good news to share will bring another day to be celebrated too.


• A new life has just begun, try all your best to give this little angel the best experience in life. Congratulations.


• When you have a life with more joy, more love, and happiness, you have found a greater reason to smile on.


• This gift of life is worth the celebration, you have to be happy all the time because life is full of such things.


• The truth is that it is not easy to be blessed with a life, if it is easy, ask the barren women what they go through.


• Be the change you want to see, enjoy this world like a pro and be the most interesting person on this earth.


• I just want to say I wish you the best of lucks in life, you are my greatest friend on earth, congrats on the gift of a little girl.


• See the little fingers rising up and down, see her adorable smile touching the flesh of my heart. Congratulations to my family.


• I love her thoroughly and she has just given birth to a bouncing baby girl for me. I live your little fingers baby.


• After 10 years of your marriage, you finally got to this point in life. I am so happy for your family. This is great news.


• Blessed memories, interesting moments come with the gift of a newborn baby. I am so proud of you guys.


• Congratulations, it is not easy for safe delivery. I wish you many more years of successful delivery in life.


• As you celebrate the gift of God today, it is my pleasure to extend my happiness towards you for the rest of the day.


• Everything has its time, your time shall come, and smile will overcome your face, and happiness shall engulf your heart. This is the time.


• The most painful thing in a marriage is to not conceive, thank God a long awaiting day has been realized today.


• Feeling cool and happy because my sister has finally given birth to her first child. The pearl has beautiful fingers.


• What a precious beautiful child, a newly baked angel has landed today, hot and cute body. I l9ve that.


• To be there with you, I will always appreciate your love in my life. I just wish to be with you for the rest of my life.


• The smile that has no ending shall cross your way, to bless your child and him a reason for your happiness in life.


• Good morning, and congratulations on the arrival of your lovely angel. May the Lord continue to bless you forever.


• Everything in life comes with time, today is your turn, we have to celebrate you for the rest of this week.


• Dear sister, congratulations. I appreciate you for a wonderful life, and above all, I want to say thanks for everything.


• You have always been the best for me and now God has brought another companion into our life. Congratulations my dear woman.


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