Drive Safely Message for Husband/Wife 2021

Drive Safely Message for Husband/Wife 2021



Drive Safely Message for Husband/Wife 2021


Each year, thousands of people die in car accidents, and millions more are injured in auto accidents. Every driver has a responsibility to stay alert and aware of their surroundings as well as obey driving laws.  When it comes to protecting yourself on the road, there are many things you can do.  Here are a few tips for safe driving:
Let’s face it: driving safely isn’t a skill that can be mastered overnight. It takes time and practice to develop the habits and techniques that will keep you safe on the road—and these habits must be reinforced and practised, again and again. Fortunately, there are many ways you can make your daily commute safer and more enjoyable.  One way is to make sure you’re always equipped with a variety of safe driving messages for husband/wife. These messages can help you relax before you get behind the wheel, and they can remind you to watch out for other drivers on the road.


It’s not just about coming home safely, but it’s also about safe driving messages for husband/wife, Drive safely, Message to drive safely. Below is some sample safe driving messages for husband/wife, Drive safely, Message to drive safely.


Drive Safely Message


1. I may not always be able to tell you how much I love you, but I hope this message will bring you comfort. Wish you a great vacation and a safe drive! ———- Love- your husband.


2. Dearest husband, there is no one like you. You mean the world to me and I love you with all my heart and soul. Be safe tonight and drive slowly, please. I already miss you!


3. My heart aches each time I leave you. It’s hard to say goodbye. I want to kiss you, and hold you forever. I miss your warm arms wrapped around me and your soft lips touching mine. I love you so much, my sweetheart. Have a safe drive and drive safely. I will be thinking about you the entire time and I can’t wait to see you when you return.


4. My darling. I am praying for your safe arrival. I want you back in my arms as soon as possible. Driving safely, my love! Call me whenever you can. I miss you so much.


5. You are the love of my life, a fire in my heart. You make me whole, you give me a reason to be. When I am away from you my days seem incomplete. But when I am with you I feel peace and happiness. Please take care and drive safely so that we can be together again soon. I love you, please never forget that.”


6. I know how important your job is to you. Every day you are out fighting fires and saving lives. I just wanted to tell you that I will always support you in everything you do and love you no matter what. Drive safely, baby. I will be waiting for you.


7. I love you, you are my life. My whole world revolves around you and I can’t imagine life without you. I can’t wait to start our special day together. Nobody makes me feel the way that you do. You mean everything to me and I need to tell you again some more.


8. Sometimes in our busy lives we forget to say the things that really matter. The days pass by more quickly than you think and before you know it ten years have gone by and you’re still waking up next to each other. When I first met you, I was apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. But you captured my heart with simple things.Things like “Thank-you for the coffee” or “I love your dress”.


9. It’s been months since I have felt that comfortable and happy in my life. Sometimes I still wonder if it is real, but then I think of you and everything feels so surreal. You make me feel beautiful, wanted, and loved. I do want to take proper care of myself since you are the most important thing in my life. You have made me a better person; I can never thank you enough!


10. It’s important to always put your safety first, especially on the road.   Protect your heart and stay safe as you travel.


11. I hope my absence won’t linger in your mind for too long. I wish you to have a wonderful and enjoyable journey, with safety and good health being the goal. I want you to remember that you are an amazing person and beloved by many. I love you now and always!


12. Kyle, always take care of yourself while you’re driving. Never be in a hurry, no matter how many other people are speeding by. You should never go faster than the speed limit. It doesn’t matter if someone cut you off or is riding your bumper, move over a lane and call them later on when you arrive at your destination safely. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you. Don’t tailgate, it is not only dangerous but illegal as well drive safe my dear.


13. You are my life everyday. I explore the world with you and share the best memories with you. I will always be with you and support any dreams you may have! You are my life true love.


14. First I would tell you that I love you and how much our time together has meant to me, I would thank you for all the things you do for me and for being so generous and thoughtful, especially towards loved ones. I would thank you for not just being my husband, but for also being a friend and biggest fan. I would say thanks for making my life your priority, while still allowing me to pursue my own dreams, and want in life. Thanks for putting up with my crazy mood.


15. I do not know what I would do if I lost you. You are my life, my soulmate, and the most important person in my world. I love the way you look at me with those beautiful blue eyes that sparkle as bright as our future together. I love how you rub my back before bed and tell me how much you appreciate me. I love when you make me laugh, and the way you smile when we are alone, it puts that sparkle back in your eyes.


16. I know that this is not the most romantic way for me to tell you that I love you. Sometimes things happen and words just can’t come out. There are no words in the English language that display how much you mean to me. When you are on that road, always remember I am right there next to you. On that very road where we first met. Safe drive!


17. I know you have to work late again. I know it’s a hassle getting the kids ready and dropped off before your commute. I know the drive is a little on the long side and with all that stress, at least make sure you get there safe. I cannot bear to loose you my love.


18. This message has been sent to let you know I love you, care for you and I am always thinking of you when we are apart. Have a great day.


19. I hope you get home safe today. I know you work hard and I want nothing more than for you to come home in one piece. I hope this card will bring a smile to your face and I hope you know how much I love you. I’ll be waiting right here for you. [Insert kisses here]


20. I don’t need anything. I just need you to come home to me. No other gift will make me nearly as happy as you being home safe. I miss you!


21. I know you had a long day at work, but when you finally get home I will be here to help you relax. I’ll fix your favorite meal and a glass of wine. You just sit back and relax and let me take care of you. I love you‖


22. My love, I want you to go to work safely. If wishes were butterflies flying through the air, I would grab a bunch of them and send them to you. I want you to be safe on the road and don’t drive too fast. Have a good journey and a great day.


23. This message is meant just for you. I hope that it brings you some comfort knowing that I am always there for you. I love you and I hope that your trip goes well. Drive safely.


24. I am so glad you only live across town. As far as I’m concerned, you live across the world. I miss you so much when you’re gone. Each day that we spend apart becomes another day closer to our next date. I miss you more than words could ever say. I love you!


25. Your encouraging texts and calls before each long drive make me so happy. It’s the simple things you do that mean the world to me. I love you so much! I can’t wait for us to live our lives together, side by side. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I hope this text makes it home safe. Please make it back in one piece.


26. Dear Husband, I hope this text didn’t surprise you too much. I usually don’t do this sort of stuff but today is the day I want to show how much I appreciate you. You are always looking out for me and asking about my trips so that I can arrive home safely.


27. I got cold feet as you left for the airport today. Remember what my dad always said:”There is no traffic on the extra mile.” So next time you feel like speeding, go five-under! But most importantly, always drive safely! See you tomorrow!”


28. I hope that the road is smooth and that you never have any trouble. The Lord has been watching over me and I’m sure he would help you if the need should arise. Have a safe trip and I’ll be waiting, patiently for your return.


29. I don’t just want you to drive safely, I need you to. My heart can’t take it if I don’t get to see your face again. Drive with caution my love! I love you!


30. I miss you, my love. I’m thinking of you now and wishing you all the best on your road trip. Please be careful and obey all traffic laws so you don’t get pulled over or worse, hurt. There is no one else I would rather have by my side while driving than you. Good luck and love you!


safe driving messages for wife


1. It’s because I love you that I am giving you this promise; I will always be by your side. I will protect you when you are driving. Be safe, and drive safely. Take the advice of a man who loves you more than anyone else. Your love for me is the greatest thing that ever happened in my life, so make sure we never lose it. Keep our love well and together we will get through this journey of life, whatever it may hold.


2. Hey, I hope you are having a great day. I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love you. My days would be empty without you, and I want you to keep that in mind while out on the road. Drive safe, and if you need anything at all… give me a call. Love You.


3. To my beautiful wife, Drive safe today and everyday. I love you so much. I hate being away from you. You are the love of my life. We will have a great night tonight.”


4. Life is a journey made sweeter with you by my side. Have a safe and wonderful trip. I love you.


5. Between the coffee, kisses and hugs in the morning, the quick love notes before bed and the words of encouragement throughout your day, I hope you know just how much I appreciate you. Driving safely out there.


6. I love you… I love you… I love you! Just wanted to make sure that you knew that in case anything happened while you were driving home. I can’t stand to think of life without you. You’re so wonderful and kind, smart and funny, cute and sexy – but silly at times. I feel so lucky to have found you and to be by your side for the rest of our lives! Safe travels, my darling!


7. I must drive today I’m afraid that a skid Will take me away from my love Without a word – without a warning I won’t see my wife again No hug and no kiss Though she will be standing there As the car burns in the distance All that remains is debris And someone’s final prayer Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually no one is prepared for the loss of a loved one in an auto accident.


8. I want you to drive safely. It is a wonderful feeling to be going somewhere with you driving. I just love to think about you, and the thought of something happening to you breaks my heart . Drive safe baby.


9. It is important for you to drive safe and arrive without any accidents. Please drive safe, my sweet. I want you to be safe, healthy and have a long life. If something happens to you, I don’t what to think about that. I am sending you lots of good vibes so nothing like this would ever happen with you. Have a nice day, my heart! Have a safe trip today. Drive safely.


10. I love the fact that even though we’re so far away, I can still feel your love and presence in my day. I love you and miss you and hope to see you soon.


11. I can’t imagine a day where a distance exists between us. The thought of you not being here next to me, makes me shiver with a feeling beyond words. You are the only thing that has made me really happy and you are the love of my life, now and forever.


12. When I wake up alone in bed late at night, I wish you were here. Then, when I remember you’re far away, I realize how lucky I am that you would drive for 8 hours just to see me. I know it took you a long time to get home this time and you must be tired, but sleep sweet and safe on your journey back. Drive safely!


13. I want you to arrive home safely. I’m counting every minute until your return. I will be right here waiting for you with an ocean of love. Now go get ‘em and drive safe!


14. I will never forget the first time I saw you, the sun beamed on your hair reflecting a million sparkles of happiness. I knew then that I wanted you to be mine forever. Driving safely this holiday, my love!


15. Good morning! You know how much I just want to bring you coffee in bed right now. I hope you have a good day today. I’ll be thinking of you the whole time. Stay safe out there, take care of yourself and drive carefully. I love you and see you soon!


16. It’s not just a ride home, it’s the feelings you bring, don’t drink and drive. If you need a lift there will always be room at my door. Message to drive safely With every trip we take I hold my breath. Please believe me, I care about you. Stay safe while driving, please Message to drive safely.


17. Please take great care when you are driving. I know I will be thinking of you the entire trip, which means I will be worried the entire time. Driving is something that requires your full attention and care. Please drive carefully so that we may see each other soon.


18. I worry more about your safety on the road than you think. I am always there with you in spirit, smiling while thinking of all the things I love about you. Thinking of our first date still makes me smile, and I’m just as happy when you asked me to marry you. Do you remember that time when you came over and I was sick? You drove 50 miles back home after making sure I was okay.


19. Every time you are on the road I hold my breath until I see you are safe. I don’t want to lose you so soon after finding you. Remember to drive safely, slow down and always buckle up. Please call if you get stuck in traffic or changed where your going. I will miss you until I see you again.


20. Thanks for letting me get behind the wheel of your car. It drove me to pick you up which meant the whole world to me. We still have a long way to drive, but you’ve got my hand holding yours and I’m not planning on letting go of it. I love you.


21. It’s not the miles, it’s the moments that matter, Travelling down the road of life together, We went further than we thought, crossed all our bridges together.


22. Drive safe my love. I’m always here when you need me.


23. Sweetie, please drive safe! I really love you so much. Don’t want to lose you. God knows how much I love you and I don’t want to lose you.


24. I wish you a safe journey and hope that you reach your destination safely. I know how you can be when you’re behind the wheel… going through red lights, cutting in and out of traffic to get ahead. You are the worst driver I’ve ever seen! Please drive carefully and not break any laws or break my heart.


25. I just wanted to say a quick word from the bottom of my heart. Please, please take it easy today and drive safely. I know how much you love to speed and that you are a very good driver, but please, especially today do not rush or push yourself. Take it slow, follow all the rules and most definitely stop to enjoy life whenever possible. The world needs people like you around, so be safe!


26. Drive safely my sweetheart. I am sending you this text so you will drive safely while on the road. This is not because I don’t trust you, because I do, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. I love you!


27. Dearest sweetheart, I always tell myself that you are fine whenever I think of you, even when I’m not with you. You are my first and last thought, my love for you is infinite and it will be forever. From the moment we met till our last moments together in this world.


28. Driving, it is more than just a way to get around. It’s about safely getting from one place to the next. On this day, I am asking that you please use extra caution while you are driving, if you will be driving. Please think of those who are on the road as well as their families and friends.


29. I am so proud of you, you have proven yourself over and over again. Words can’t express how much you mean to me. I will always be here for you my love. I know that it’s not easy to leave your loved ones behind but I know that with each passing mile you are getting closer to your dream job. You put your family first and I am so proud of you for doing so.


30. I know I’ve said this so many times before, but you are an amazing woman. You’re the kindest most loving person that I know. I’m glad that God brought us together because you are my life and soul. I’ll always be with you even if we aren’t physically together.

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