Best Bday Wishes for Boyfriend/Girlfriend 2021

Best Bday Wishes for Boyfriend/Girlfriend 2021



Birthday greetings for a boyfriend/girlfriend can turn out to be one of the most memorable in your partner’s life. It is, therefore, essential to it that you give him/her great wishes to make the day a memorable one. What makes birthday wishes special is not just the gesture but what they stand for in terms of love and values. A birthday wish is a reason to tell your partner what he means to you and how much you appreciate all that you have shared together. A loving birthday message can last a lifetime, so make use of our best collection so far. Hope you like this compilation!


Another year has passed, and it’s time to make those birthday wishes for a boyfriend or girlfriend; wishing that he/she stays happy and healthy until the next celebratory occasion arrives. Without further ado, let’s look at the top 19 bday wishes for boyfriend/girlfriend which you can use in your bday card.


Here are some newly composed text messages you can text to your loved ones, they are some of the best we have written so far, so enjoy the show while it lasts.


Best Bday Wishes for Girlfriend


• Dear sister, today marks a great day in your life, you are all the best life can provide when it comes to being a sister.


• I celebrate you as your age is plus one today, you are the best sister in the entire universe and above all, the most beautiful.


• I just want to love you more than you can imagine because a wife like you is rare, happy birthday to the most beloved angel.


• May the Lord in His infinite mercy continue to increase your health and wealth as you clock another year.


• You are a superstar, and my heart is always there for you are always the cutest angel I have ever come across in this life.


• Your special face is full of love and beauty and now you are plus one but you still 5 years younger.


• You have been so nice to me so I have to celebrate you better than any other person today.


• Your radiant smile is so superb and I can’t love you less because you are the queen of my heart. Happy birthday.


• The very moment I set my eyes on you, every tear washed away and I am so glad to have you celebrated today. Happy birthday.


• You are my happiness and I am so much in love with you, I want us to go to the beach to celebrate you today.


• I need you all my life because you have been so nice to me and celebrating you is always my pleasure.


• Happy birthday to the treasure of my heart, I am so glad you are part of this world where I share love with you.


• Every single day of my life without you is the most boring ever. I am used to you like soap is used to leaf.


• The light of your smile is so bright that I can never forget it even after my death. Happy birthday to my surest angel.


• I want to celebrate the most intelligent woman in the world today, thank God for this wonderful day. Happy birthday.


• Enjoy this moment in your life, it is a day full of love, joy, and happiness, we hope to see you excel in life from now on.


• You have been so sweet and my wish for you on this day is a more successful day ahead. Happy birthday.


• May the Lord of this wonderful day of your life increase you in knowledge and experience and purify your soul with great blessing.


• You have this wave of impact in your heart that makes me smile whenever I set my eyes on you. I just want to say happy birthday.


• Loving you is one special thing I cannot forget, that’s the reason why I want to wish you the whole world on your birthday.


Best Bday Wishes for Boyfriend


• I am not shy to celebrate the best woman in the whole universe. There is no other woman like you in my life.


• You are so cute and as such, I have to wish you a fantastic birthday, may the infinite Lord protect you against all evils.


• Congratulations and have the best birthday on earth. this day of yours is one of the most special one in life.


• You have been so close to my heart and my heart beats for you because you are my dream come true.


• May this special day of your life profit you in an abundant manner, may you Lord continue to bless you with great lofty height.


• You are a superstar and my love for you will continue to increase for the rest of the year and until the end of time.


• What a day to celebrate the queen of the house, our kid sister the best we have ever seen so far. I love you.


• Your face is as bright as this unique day in your life; good to have you in this wonderful world because you are a superhero.


• I need you to understand that you are my precious angel, the one I cherish the most, you belong to me. Happy birthday.


• Your heart shall be filled with lots of love, you are the best I will always cherish no matter what. Happy birthday.


• Thank God for this day, a day I can boast of celebrating a princess that dwells in my heart. I wish you long life and prosperity.


• May the most merciful God promote you this year as your age is being promoted. I wish you many years to come.


• Loving you is one of the best tastes in the world because it tastes like honey to love you. Happy birthday.


• I have been so close to you but you may not know, close your eyes and you will see me wishing you a great happy birthday.


• In you I find relief, in you I find comfort and happiness and I will never forget you until end of time. I love you so much.


• Thank God for the pure love you show to me, I really appreciate you for the sweet love you have been showing to me.


• The smile on your face the other made me fell in love with you, I hope you will continue to smile not only for this special day of your life.


• It was raining the day an angel was born into this world. Happy birthday, my angel, I wish you long life and prosperity.


• My sincere birthday greeting goes to my beloved wife, the one my heart is pleased with all the time. I love you so much.


• Wishing you a bright moment on your birthday. I wish you long life and wonderful moments in this world.


• May the blessing of God be upon you for the rest of your life; long life and precious days ahead.


Birthday Wishes Msg for Best Friend


• As a wonderful friend, you deserve a wonderful birthday celebration. I wish you the best this life can offer.


• Your day is now, so enjoy every bit of this day in love and happiness, I wish you the best of luck. Happy birthday.


• I don’t have a choice than to wish you a precious love and interesting moment in life. Thanks for the smooth love you have for me.


• May your heart be filled with love and happiness, you belong to me because you are my special angel.


• You are always the best and thank God for a day as special as this, we have to celebrate you more than this.


• You are nice, sweet and special, so is your beautiful smile. I hope you are enjoying this precious day.


• I adore you so much and hope to see your smile tomorrow. Good to have you celebrated today. Happy birthday to my beloved.


• Happy birthday my dearest sister, I am pleased to send you a brand new birthday message to celebrate you beyond.


• May the Lord bless your hustle and put an endless smile on your face, I cherish you and wish you all the best on this special day of your life.


• Thank God for a moment like this, may the Lord continue to promote you in all schedules of your life. Happy birthday, dear.


• You deserve a lot of accolades and celebrations because your legacy is strong and has changed many lives.


Funny Bday Wishes for Best Friend


• We are pleased to take your birthday to the next level and hope to give you the best in this coming month. I wish you the best.


• Loving you is our pleasure because you have shown a great impact on our life and our wish is to see you grow in life.


• May the most merciful bless and encourage your effort, as you are another year older today, we pray for endless success in your life.


• Thank God for this precious day in your life, we appreciate your effort in a great and special day you were born.


• I just want to thank you for the care and support and to also wish you an awesome birthday. I wish you all the best ma.


• May this day find its way into your life, may the Lord continue to protect your life from all evils. Happy birthday.


• Thank God for a beautiful day like this, a day with smiles and hugs, we are proud of you for always being there for us.


• It is my pleasure to celebrate an important personality in life. I wish you great lofty height, joy, and continuous success.


• May you find the peace of mind you actually aspire to have. I am so glad that you are celebrating your birthday.


• Have you kept my cake? I am coming over to add to the celebration of this wonderful day in your life.


• You are nice, lovely and above all, the most beloved person in this nice world. I am so glad you are part of my life.


• May your new age bring you lots of breakthroughs and turning points. Happy birthday to my happiness.


• You have been so special and your great legacy will never be forgotten forever. Happy birthday.


• May you continue to enjoy your life and the Lord shall promote you in all aspects of your life. Happy birthday.


Happy Birthday Best Wishes for You


• We shall celebrate those that deserve our honor and respect. We shall remember them on their birthday.


• It is not easy to find out that you are still alive; we celebrate your life today as we pray to still see you in many years to come.


• I want to wish you an awesome birthday and to also pray for your success as you clock a new age. I wish you more success you never expected.


• May we witness the greatest of changes in life, we are happy because you make me happy all the time. Happy birthday.


• You have been so cute, nice and lovely and I am happy for you too because you give me lots of reasons to celebrate you.


• May we witness more of this day in your life, as you clock another year, we pray you to find lots of success that will promote you for the rest of your life.


• I am sending you a nice wish, a wish of love, peace, and harmony. I beseech the Lord to promote you now and beyond.


• Congratulations on your birthday. I can’t wait to celebrate a rare gem like you. Happy birthday sir.


• Every single day of your life shall come with long life and prosperity, the readiness of great purpose, and a lot of breakthroughs.


• May the one that giveth life grant you the means to manage it. I just want to wish you more successful life ahead.


• You are so special that I cannot stop celebrating you for the next seven days. I am glad that you are still alive.


• Your space is my life is so great and as such, I will never forget you for once. I am really proud of you.


• This day, you are plus one, may the Lord continue to create great ways for you to succeed in life. Happy birthday.


• My love for you will never wash away because you mean a lot to me. I am so happy that we met in this life.


• Thank you for this day, I just want to be there for you all the time, to put an endless smile on your face.


• Whatever it takes to be there for you, that’s exactly what I am going to do to be yours forever.


• I want to send you the most beloved message from my heart. I want to hear that you are happy.


• We have been waiting for a special day like this, we hope you will enjoy the rest of your life with love and success.


Birthday Wishes for Best Female Friend


• The love of my life is plus one today, I can’t wait to wish you more successful endeavors in life. Happy birthday.


• As you are now plus one, you make me smile and happy and I will be there for you for the rest of my life.


• For the days we spent together, there will never be a better day like it. I am so much happy that you are part of my life.


• May the most merciful God continue to bless you in a manner that will shock everyone around you.


• My wishes are many, I am wishing you great blessing, honor, promotion, success and above all, long life and prosperity.


• What a nice angel you are and the scent of your body makes me happy every single day. I just want to say, happy birthday.


• Your unique smile is hard to find anywhere else. I want to be there for you all the days of your life. I love you.


• You make me happy, and that’s exactly what I want from you. I will never let you down for no reason.


• Your eyes are enticing and hard to resist. Your presence in my life has washed away my sorrow. Happy birthday, dear.


• There is no husband as special as you are; there is no angel (human smile) as bright as your smile. I wish you all the best.


• To the best wife and mother, may your new day profit you and those around you. We are glad you are alive.


• May you stay alive to celebrate this day with us. I am so much in love with you for you are my happiness.


• Your day is here, the day the heaven cried that an angel has come down. It was a beautiful day called your birthday.


• I may not have a Ferrari to gift to you as a special birthday gift but I have a heart that will adore yours forever.


• True love makes me smile, true love is the best love everyone needs to be happy in life. Happy birthday to the love of my life.


• I am wishing you love, happiness and joy and also pray you to find that endless peace that’s hard to find by others.


• Your day makes me happy because I can celebrate you with all my heart. I am happy because you are still alive.


• Your new day shall continue to be the best for you, I am really proud of the fact that you are the most beloved person for me.


• I wish you lots of happiness and pray you to continue to move forward in life. Happy birthday my dear love.


• Whatever it takes to be with you will always be my number one priority. I am glad that you became a part of my life.


• I just want to cherish you for the rest of my life. I want to bring love, joy, and happiness to both of us. Happy birthday.


Happy Birthday Wish You All the Best


• You are nice to be with and I am really sure of what I am talking about because you are more than special.


• Happy birthday to the love of my life, may the Lord in His infinite mercy continue to bless you forever.


• At that time when you came into my life, I experienced a lot of changes and that’s because you are a great lover.


• This day is not just your birthday; it is a romantic day for you and me. Happy birthday and romantic day.


• May you find that endless love you have been waiting for, every single day shall be a day of success in your life.


• Cherish your smile, appreciate your day and night and I will be there for you all the days of your life.


• The most beloved angel of my life, I pray you find your way out of every distress. I beseech the blessing of God upon you.


• May the Lord continue to bless you as you desire or better; may your success never know bound. Happy birthday.


• The love I have for you makes me smile, and the way I’m celebrating you this day makes me the happiest person on earth.


• Your day shall bring another year of a prosperous life. You are the number one man in my heart. I love you.


• In the rain, in the sun, hardship, and distress, I will not forget you. I will be there for you all the time. Happy birthday.


• As your love reigns in my heart, I wish to be there for you all the time and to make you smile is a woman.


• No man should hurt any woman, this is the reason why I love to celebrate you to the core. I have prepared the best cake ever for you.


• We shall overcome every obstacle in life. Happy birthday, my dear love, you are my happiness.


• I cannot forget you for the rest of my life as you are the one that makes me smile the most. Happy birthday.


• Lord, I commit the life of this wonderful woman in your Hands, please, protect her for me. Happy birthday, dear.


• You belong to me in all angles of life. I just want to say thank you for the kind of love you show to me.


• May you find the kind of peace that brings happiness and love to you, I wish to be there for you all the days of your life.


• Never forget that you will always be my champion and the most loved one. I wish to celebrate you like a pro.


• Wishing you long life and endless joy. I am proud to be yours and also hope that we find the kind of success that makes us happy.


• Happy birthday dear angel, you belong to me and I am happy for your special day. We need to celebrate you exceptionally.


• After many years of pain, I finally met an angelic woman that wiped away my sorrow. I just want to say, happy birthday.


• Thank God for your present, my heart is now at rest because I have found the most beloved woman in this world.


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